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The features of an Ideal Storage Company

By admin | March 23rd, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Storage has become a basic need for people today. While choosing a storage unit, customers pay attention to the cost of the unit and give little consideration to the features and facilities it has to offer. An ideal storage unit should be able to keep the items secure no matter what. Whether it’s a fire situation or a breach in security, storage units should be secure enough to protect the items of the owners. Careful selection of storage units is important. Here ae some features of an ideal storage unit, consider them while zeroing in on any particular company:
Security Checks: Look for a facility equipped with surveillance cameras. It would keep the intruders off the premises. There should be wall cameras which should be monitored by the security service. Also, the facility should have good locks for theft issues.
Various sizes as per your requirements: Everyone has different requirement of space. Larger facilities have higher rentals then medium scale facilities. Seek for a facility that offers units of different sizes, so you can rent according to your space needs. This way you’ll just have to pay for the space you are using, and not for the extra space that is of no use to you.

Things You Should Know about Self-Storage Auction!

By admin | March 16th, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Looking for deals at a fraction of their original costs? Self Storage Auctions is a great time for customers to snag deals at cheaper rates. These auctions are held when existing customers fail to make prompt payments for a number of months, which results in the self-storage companies in repossessing the unit and auctioning items of the interior to minimize their lose. Self-storage is different from any normal storage facility as the unit consists of personal belonging and can potentially be priceless.

Here are some facts of a Self-Storage Auction:-

Storage Facility for Businesses

By admin | March 10th, 2015 | Leave a Comment

In the beginning, storage facilities were only used by the commercial sector but now residential sector is using it as well. Businesses require storage space for storing their furniture, equipment, inventory, and other assets to be protected from damage and theft. Here are some tips for renting the right business storage facility to safeguard your property:

Clean Storage facility

Look for a facility that is cleaned and sanitized properly. Most of the storage warehouses are cleaned on a regular basis, and special equipment is used to safeguard items such as furniture and electronics. This way your property stays protected from dust and mite that may cause damage.

Tips To Store Your Clothes In a Wardrobe

By admin | March 2nd, 2015 | Leave a Comment

When it comes down to storing our clothes in closet, we always face a hard time. With so many dresses to store in little space, it usually becomes a menace to find the appropriate place for all. People fail to manage their wardrobes properly, and end up just stuffing their clothes in their wardrobe, creating a huge mess. Below, I shall throw some light on useful tips to store your clothes in your compact wardrobe.

De-clutter - To begin with, get rid of the clothes that you have not worn in ages. This will definitely provide you the much needed extra space to store other useful things.

Store Your Heirlooms and Antiques With Care!

By admin | February 24th, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Storing antiques and heirlooms can be a troublesome task. They require utmost care and should be kept safely. But the question arises, what is the best way to ensure their longevity?

Weather takes a toll on most of the objects in our houses. There are temperature fluctuations, humidity and sunlight etc. that happen to wreck our prized belongings. Even insects ruin the collectibles. Left in these conditions, albums, records, photographs and metal/iron based belongings tend to get ruined badly as they attract either humidity, dust and rust (when the matter comes to iron based belongings).

Moving Snow at NYC Mini Storage

By admin | February 19th, 2015 | Leave a Comment

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