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    • NYC Mini Storage provides personal storage options above and beyond their competitors. Their many storage units provide clean and ample space for all of your storage needs. Whether your moving cross country or down the road you'll find the staff at N...
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  • Self Storage Tips

    New York City offers a number of private storage options spread everywhere- from Manhattan to Bronx. But as a customer looking for safe storage choices in NY, you must be aware of certain tips that will help you pick the right storage facility like- NYC Ministorage.

    Choosing A Storage Facility

    • Choose the right storage facility for you.
    • Check the storage location.
    • Check if the facility is secured.
    • Check that the hallways are well lit.
    • Check that the unit is fully closed walls and celing.
    • Check the hours of access.


    • Get professional boxes from your storage facility or movers.
    • Pack all boxes to the top. Do not overload it.
    • Pack heavy items like books in small boxes.
    • Protect fragile goods in wrapping paper or bubble wrap.
    • Pack pictures and mirrors in boxes marked ‘fragile’ and ‘upright’.
    • Use mattress bags to cover mattresses and box-springs.
    • Take furniture apart when possible.
    • Wrap good furniture with paper or cloth pads.
    • Use wardrobe boxes for hanging cloths and suits.
    • Empty , clean, and dry appliances before storing.


    • Use your own car, van, or
    • Rent a truck, or
    • Check with your storage facility for help with pick-up.
    • If you self load, pack wisely!
    • Do not place heavy or sharp objects on mattresses or sofas.
    • Pack tight, using similar size objects together.
    • Keep things you may need handy near the door.
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    NYC Mini Storage, Inc. Locations

    NYC Address: 863 East 141st Street Bronx NY, 10454
    Phone: 718-742-2222 or Toll-Free: 866-646-4338