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    • I have been storing my personal belongings here for over a year now and couldn't be happier. The prices are very reasonable and I am extremely confident in the security of the facility, an issue that I have had with previous storage companies. NYC Mi...
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  • Vehicle and Car Storage with NYC Mini Storage

    Parking in NYC can be incredibly frustrating and expensive especially if you’ll be going out of town for a while. Street parking is a no-go as there are not nearly enough spaces and chances are your vehicle will need to be moved before the week is up. Paying for your monthly lot seems excessive when you won’t be using any in-and-out privileges. Storing your vehicle with our professionals is an excellent alternative when you know you won’t be using it.

    Our location allows us to offer storage for other vehicles as well. If your RV is taking up too much space in your garage or your boat needs a place for the winter we’ve got you covered. In addition to car storage our facility can handle RV’s motorcycles, trucks, trailers, and boats. Our team is equipped to handle whatever you need. All we ask is that the vehicle being stored is drivable and boats being stored are on a trailer. We know that safety and security are important when it comes to transport and with our 24-hour security we have your back.

    Storing your car with NYC Mini Storage means that you have 24/7 access to your car. If you’d like to pick-up your car we ask that you call during business hours at least 2 hours before your desired time or on a Saturday for a Sunday pick-up. This way we can make sure it is ready to go or clear your vehicles path during the winter.


    When you store your vehicle with us we insure that you’re satisfied with our facilities. We hope that you find everything you need with NYC Mini Storage. For a full description of all of these services feel free to give us a call we’d love to answer any and all of your questions.

    • Ability to handle a multitude of vehicles
    • Well-lit area
    • 24-hour surveillance
    • Fenced area with security guards
    • Outdoor parking spaces
    • Accessible year-round and around the clock
    • Fully insured vehicle storage

    Suggestions for Vehicle Storage

    When storing a vehicle it’s important to provide routine maintenance before you drop off the keys. We’ve created a list of our suggestions for vehicle maintenance before you bring your car to our facility for long-term storage.

    • Completely clean the car, inside and out.
    • Replace the lubricant
    • Disconnect the battery (once it’s parked in our lot that is)
    • Change the oil and filter, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid
    • Make sure the tires have proper air pressure (if storing for a long period perhaps keeping the vehicle on blocks is right for you)
    • Cover the vehicle (although this may not be possible for all vehicles it’s an easy way to prevent unwanted problems)

    For more tips on vehicle storage or to learn about NYC Mini Storage’s people and customers visit our blog!

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    NYC Mini Storage, Inc. Locations

    NYC Address: 863 East 141st Street Bronx NY, 10454
    Phone: 718-742-2222, 866-646-4338 (Toll Free)