10 Smart holiday decoration storage tips


It’s the most magical time of year, with lights and sparkly trinkets everywhere, and if you’re the one who puts all the decorations, you know how much of a mess it can be afterward. Don’t you despise it when you unpack last year’s Christmas decorations and discover that some of the nicest ornaments are broken? There is, however, a method to avoid all of this bother and nerve-wracking. While it is too early to begin removing the lovely Christmas decorations, now is the time to learn about how to handle the post-Christmas mess. It might be extremely frightening, but if you follow their guidelines and adhere to their instructions, it can be rather wonderful. You may save yourself a lot of time and effort. Without further ado, here are the top 10 smart holiday decoration storage tips.

a fireplace with stockings over it
Putting away all of our holiday decors is probably everyone’s least favorite part of the holidays.

10 Smart holiday decoration storage tips

If you want to preserve your holiday decor for next year, you need to learn how to pack, put away and protect all of it properly. However, know that self storage Manhattan is here if you have no time for organizing and putting away decorations. In today’s post, you will learn a few tricks for packing all different kinds of ornaments and festive knick-knacks that we buy for the holidays.

1. Shrinkwrap your tree with an old belt

In order to keep it looking its best for another year, use belts from your local thrift shop to tighten up the tree. Don’t throw out your old ones, or get some from a second-hand retailer. Genius. You can also wrap in a blanket or plastic wrap afterward. An artificial tree stored in self-storage NYC this way will remain clean and safe throughout the winter, spring, and summer seasons. Next year, just cut the side of the wrap with scissors and fluff the branches into form.

2. A concrete form tube will preserve your tree

A concrete tube can be used to store a tree as an alternative method. For this clever technique, you will carefully pack a fake tree in concrete form tubes, which you will get at your local hardware store. Bind each layer of the tree with twine, then name each tube with the layers that are contained within it. Who’d have believed that would work?

3. Duct tape for fake trees

After a few years, the color of the fake tree fades and becomes unrecognizable. As soon as you disassemble the Christmas tree, identify each layer of the tree with a number and duct tape it onto that layer.  So that it’s easier to reassemble the tree the next year. This will help you keep track of the layers.

4. Use egg cartons or apple containers for your tree ornaments 

Small decorations should be stored in egg cartons, while bigger ornaments should be stored in apple containers. This will keep the ornaments secure until they are placed in larger storage containers. This procedure is safe, completely cheap, and will keep the dust off of your decorations for years to come.

5. Coffee canes for fairy lights

Keep fairy lights tidy and untangled using a coffee can wrap and insert the ends of the lights (make sure the bottom and top of cans are plastic so that the lights aren’t damaged).

a person holding fairy lights
With our holiday decoration storage tips there’s no way your fairy lights are getting tangled up this year.

6.  Store garland in water bottles

Nothing is more aggravating than when lengthy strings of garland become tangled around all of your Christmas decorations at the last minute. Make sure you store your beads in a plastic water bottle to avoid this disaster – each container will hold two strings of beads!

7. Use hanging storage

Dowels for hanging storage may be added to classic standbys like Rubbermaid tubs to give them a modern makeover. Insert two dowels into each hole. Hang the decorations first, then add the dowels. Voila. If you still don’t find enough space in your home, you can make use of extra space storage NYC for storing your decorations.

8. Tarnish-Proof your silver ornaments and flatware

Save yourself time and money by storing your silver properly. There are a number of options for safeguarding holiday decorations and other silverware. You can order custom-made pouches made of tarnish-resistant Pacific Silvercloth in many different sizes online. If you’re worried about breaking or losing your bigger ornaments around the house, consider using a storage unit. With small storage NYC you won’t have to worry about that.

9. Wreath storage

Using a dry-cleaning bag and a hanger, you can keep your wreaths looking new year after year. Once you have the hoop attached to a coat hanger, just wrap it in a plastic dry-cleaning bag and secure it in place. Take care of the embellishments as you would your most prized piece of clothing. If you want to make your own wreaths this year, you can get some ideas on Pinterest. Handmade wreaths are so in right now.

a beautiful wreath
Be careful when handling your wreath.

10. Get a gift wrap caddy

When you’re wrapping gifts, a gift wrapping caddy may help you keep all of your ribbons, wrapping paper, tags, tape, and other trimmings organized, wrapped, and untangled while you’re working on them. It is far more aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and cost-effective to keep all of your ribbons in one location in this manner.

We hope our holiday decoration storage tips will be useful to some of you. And that putting away Christmas decor will be much easier this year. We wish you a very Happy New Year!


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