5 after holiday cleaning tips to make your NYC home spotless


There’s nothing worse than having a mile-long Christmas must-do list and no time to tidy your own home. Running away from all the things you have to do might be a temptation. In our opinion, this time of year should be a time for family fun, relaxation, and relaxation. So why are you the one who has to take care of everything? What’s with all the anxiety over preparing the house for guests? What if you despise cleaning and are suddenly obligated to thoroughly clean your home after the holidays? You can count on our support if that’s the situation you’re in. When you don’t have time for cleaning out, a perfect solution for you is to rent storage in NYC. And here are our 5 after holiday cleaning tips that even the worst housewives may employ to have their home immaculate and well-organized in a short period of time.

vacuuming the carpets
With the help of our after holiday cleaning tips, your house will be spotless in no time.

Top 5 after holiday cleaning tips to make your NYC home spotless

While getting ready for Christmas and getting your house ready for all of your guests is hectic enough, the season is also infamous for bringing sickness into homes and families. And while you’re busy getting ready for Christmas, lying sick on the sofa isn’t an option at all. Make sure everyone in your family is washing their hands and wiping down doorknobs and light switches every day to help prevent the transmission of germs and (hopefully) keep sickness out of your home this year. You will also need to thoroughly clean your home after each big celebration, especially after Christmas. You can contact self-storage Long Island City if you need to take out some of your belongings while cleaning.

1. Creating a cleaning schedule

If you’re a list-obsessed person like myself, you’ll adore this step. Non-list fans, welcome to the club. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Yeah, right. Like I can’t do it all without a list”.  It is perfectly OK to go ahead and accomplish this without one, but I want to encourage you to utilize a list and a timetable at least while you’re just getting started. This time of year, your brain is likely already whirring at 100 miles per hour and you just don’t have room to recall anything else. To make things easier for yourself, in the long run, make a list. It’s much easier to get everything done in a timely manner if you have a set cleaning routine for the holidays. If creating a list overwhelms you, you can find some online pre-made ones.  Consider using secure self-storage NYC for putting away the things you won’t be needing during this time.

2. Getting the right cleaning supplies

It’s time to go to work now that you’ve planned your cleaning schedule and know exactly what needs to be done before visitors come. To begin, gather all of your cleaning goods and arrange them in a caddy (or an old ice cream pail). This allows you to carry all of your essentials with you at all times. You won’t have to search all-around your house for specialized cleaning items because the caddy keeps everything in one place. You’ll need a cleaning caddy if you want to keep your home clean. The cleaner is not necessary when using this kind of microfibre cloths, but they are more expensive, so if you don’t have the funds for these, your regular microfibre cloths will work just as well.)

3. Decluttering prior to cleaning

Attempting to declutter an overstuffed home is a surefire way to fail. You should declutter your home before you begin cleaning it since working around clutter slows you down and causes you to lose focus. To do anything else would be a waste of time in today’s busy world when finding time for anything at all is next to impossible. You may want to remove some of your furniture while you’re cleaning your house. Therefore, consider storing it in short-term furniture storage NYC and taking it back once your house is spotless.

a man mopping the floors
Make sure that nothing is getting in your way before you start cleaning.

There is no need to declutter your home for days or weeks, since, let’s face it, no one has that much time. However, you should set out a day (or, at the very least, several hours) to get rid of waste and unused clutter. Getting rid of clutter will not only make cleaning simpler but will also enhance the appearance of your home, making it appear more welcome and orderly.  Get in touch with self-storage Manhattan if you feel like you have no other place to put away some of your items.

4. Putting away your holiday decorations

If you were hosting a Christmas party at your house, your house must be overflowing with decorations right now. Especially if you had guests for Thanksgiving or Halloween as well. Since you won’t be using this decor any time soon, we highly suggest that you put away all of your holiday decorations in climate-controlled storage NYC and preserve them there for next year. You don’t want to have a cabinet full of holiday decorations. Nobody likes a cluttered home.

5. Having a thorough post-holiday cleaning session

Cleaning up after the holidays will be more difficult and time-consuming if you have ignored your daily or weekly responsibilities. You should always try your best to stick to a daily, weekly, and monthly routine to simplify your New Year’s cleaning. Nobody wants to welcome the New Year in a dirty home. Plan your cleaning session to include the bare necessities, such as:

  • Shampooing carpets and rugs
  • Vacuuming and cleaning upholstered furnishings
  • Waxing wooden floors
  • Resealing grout lines between your tiles
  • Washing both inside and outside windows
a woman cleaning the windows
Don’t forget to clean your outside windows as well.

Cleaning a house after the holidays is not an easy job. Especially if you held a big party for the holidays and your whole family gathered in your house. In case you have some garbage to dispose of, head on to the Collection & Disposal page of NYC’s government site to find the nearest garbage truck. Since we’re entering the period when germs are spreading like crazy, these 5 after holiday cleaning tips will help you and your family stay away from them. Plus, having a thorough clean-out session is a good way to start the new year.


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