5 tips for moving out after a long relationship


Breaking up after a long relationship can be very painful. And moving out after a long relationship just makes it harder, unfortunately. But, we all know this already. There’s a reason why there are so many emotional songs about breaking up. Moving is stressful as is, but with the emotional toll of ending a long partnership, you need to be prepared for it. You will have some tough decisions to make. You and your ex-partner will need to divide your belongings, or even talk about child custody. Either you or both of you will need to organize the move, storage space NYC, and everything else. Let’s get into 5 of the best tips for moving out after a break-up.

An ex-couple carrying boxes out of their home
You might want to consider working together during the move if you broke up on good terms.

Be decisive and stand your ground

Obviously, when two people live together and they break up, one of them needs to move out. This decision also needs to be made carefully and there are many things to consider. What should you and your ex-partner discuss when you’ve decided to split?

  • Children – Custody, who stays with the kids during the move, are the kids staying in their old home, etc.
  • Who stays – This can depend on a lot of things. Did you buy your joint apartment or are you just renting?
  • Future relations – If you and your partner don’t have children, you might decide to not contact each other anymore. On the other hand, if children are involved, a plan needs to be made.

Now there are many intricacies considering your specific relationship and the way you’ve ended things. If it was an explosive fight, you might want to leave as soon as possible. Moving out after a long relationship can become easier with self storage NYC. Simply put your belongings in storage and spend a few nights at your parents’ until you figure things out. Don’t allow yourself to stay longer! This can lead to unnecessary drama and even more stress.

You can conduct a secret move if need be. Pack up your items, hire last-minute movers and just disappear. This is for toxic instances where you don’t feel safe. Otherwise, it’s still wise to leave as soon as possible. Staying longer with your ex could lead to drama, or even reconciliation, which you might not want.

Divide belongings smartly

Since you’ve spent years together, there must be a lot of items you bought together. Now it’s time to split them among yourselves. The best way to do this is to divide these possessions evenly. It might get hard, but you need to persevere. It’s best to have a clean break. And you don’t want to move into a new apartment without any furniture or electronics. It’s wise to not get greedy and really talk through everything. For example, if one of you paid a bigger part for the TV, then that person should keep it.

The problem arises when you look at the emotional state of you and your ex-partner. Things like “fair”, and “even” might not make any sense. What if there are items both of you hold dear? Just be prepared that the road will be bumpy but stand your ground and you’ll be successful. Try not to argue too much, but also make sure that you get the items you bought, or brought with you to the apartment. Storage rental NYC will prove to be very useful. In extreme cases, you can sneakily take your items to a storage unit.

Moving boxes
Stay organized, and you will move out quicker than you expect.

Ask for help when moving out after a long relationship

During a break-up and a moving process, you will need adequate support. Of course, some people could handle it on their own, but for your mental health you should reach out to loved ones. Friends and family will help you through this tough time. You can ask them for help with moving your belongings to your self storage Bronx unit.

Help is especially important if you left things on bad terms with your ex-partner. Your ex is less likely to do anything when your family and friends are there. Also, with a couple more pairs of arms, things will go along faster and smoother. Keep in mind that when moving out after a long relationship, one of the main things you need to do is move out quickly. And what better way is there than with friends and family.

Your loved ones will provide emotional support and advise you along the way.

Talk to your lawyer

If you’re ending a marriage, you have kids, or pets, your lawyer needs to know and help you out. In cases of abuse, be ready to talk about it! It’s extremely hard and some find it even impossible, but you need to find the strength for your little ones. And even in instances of a calm separation, your lawyer should still be included. If your children are old enough, be sure to ask them what their wishes are. If you were to just leave with your little ones or pets, you might get in legal trouble. Persevere and do everything legally.

Discuss with your ex if things between you are okay. Everyone should be included in the decision-making unless they are a threat. Stay calm and think everything through rationally.

A woman talking to her lawyer
Consult your lawyer so you can be sure you’re doing everything legally and that you’re protected.

Hire reputable help

Be sure to hire the right moving company and storage company. To make your move a complete success with no delays, you need to find the right professionals. You can also just rent a moving truck and move with the help of your loved ones. Moving out after a long relationship should be quick and as painless as possible. Good luck and you can do it!


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