7 common self-storage mistakes to avoid


Are you getting the most out of your storage unit? It’s a place where you store your goods, but it’s also a place where you could make mistakes when doing so. People keep their personal belongings in storage facilities they don’t utilize on a daily basis. A number of common mistakes can hinder the most effective usage of secure self storage NYC. Take a look at these common self-storage mistakes to avoid and simple tips so you can get the most out of your storage unit.

Failing to plan ahead of time

One of the most important tasks you can do to guarantee that your storage units Manhattan service is enjoyable and that you save valuable time is to plan ahead. Make a list of everything that has to be stored and estimate how much room you’ll need. Consider how close the storage unit is to your home, work, or place of business, as well as whether it’s convenient for picking up or dropping off stuff. Here’s what you should do:

  • Make a list of your possessions
  • All things should be cleaned and dried
  • Stack the heavier boxes at the bottom and the lighter boxes at the top.
  • Make a trail from the front of your storage unit to the back.
  • Keep the most frequently used goods in the front and easy to reach.
  • Furniture should be stored on its side or legs.
  • Bubble wrap fragile objects and use moving blankets for added protection.
typing a plan
Planning ahead will keep you prepared for common self-storage mistakes to avoid

Carefully research and choose the right storage company

Many people choose the cheapest storage unit available, which is quite understandable. Make sure you read the reviews, that’s a must! Conduct detailed research on firms and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each. When it comes to spending/investing your money, customer feedback is invaluable. Especially if it’s a storage facility for your belongings!

Choosing the wrong-sized storage is another one of common self-storage mistakes to avoid

It’s not uncommon to go halfway through the packing process just to realize that not everything will fit. It can be highly aggravating and make you work twice as hard, much harder than it should have been in the first place. Of course, choosing a smaller storage unit to save money is logical, but you must ensure that you are not painting yourself into a position. You could end up in a dilemma in an attempt to save money. Many self-storage facilities have helpful storage guides and specialists who can assist you figure out the exact size of the unit you’ll need based on the items you’ll be storing.

Don’t store food

Food that has been stored is ideal for a pantry, but it is a headache for climate controlled storage unit NYC. Even if the food has an extremely extended shelf life, that doesn’t guarantee it won’t attract bugs to your unit. Rodents and bugs will not only devour your food, but they may also destroy everything else in the unit.

canned food
Self-storage units are not meant for storing food

Not keeping bugs and pests away from your storage unit

Keeping bugs and pests out of your storage unit is a piece of cake if you follow a few simple procedures. Mice, cockroaches, and other crawling creatures could wreak havoc on your densely packed storage if you don’t do so. First and foremost, always bear in mind that food and beverages attract bugs. It may seem self-evident, but it’s critical to inspect every bag, package, and container for any leftover food. Similarly, bugs are attracted to odors and aromas, so avoid storing laundry detergent, candles, or essential oils.

Pack your belongings in plastic bins if feasible, cover your mattresses and furniture, and keep them off the ground. It’s imperative that you do everything you can to keep unwelcome visitors away from your property. Place a dry vinyl sheet on the ground before placing your cartons and goods. It will certainly protect your stuff from the cold and moisture of the ground. Taking your time is preferable.

Leaving your boxes or storage bins unlabeled and using weak bins and boxes

One of the most common self-storage mistakes to avoid when moving items into your unit is not labeling your boxes. After a while, you won’t remember where or what you put things. The time it takes to locate and collect something from your commercial storage units NYC will be a real nuisance, especially if you require it immediately. Put a label on the container stating what is inside before you load in your strategically packed boxes. When you can’t remember whether you kept your tablecloths with your holiday decorations or your kitchen supplies five months later, you’ll be extremely sorry you skipped this step.

Check that your bins and boxes are strong enough. Otherwise, they won’t be able to withstand the amount of time you’ll be storing your stuff. You don’t want your boxes to tear up because the weight of the contents inside is too much for them to bear.

Not opting out for insurance for your unit

Typically, storage facilities are not responsible if any of your items get lost, stolen, or damaged. Your possessions require insurance. You may believe it is secure, but what happens if there is a fire or a flood? You’ll want an inventory of everything you’ve stored in case you lose some of your belongings and need to file an insurance claim to replace them. Keep your valuables safe! Owners are not responsible for any stolen or damaged things once they are stored, regardless of the protection provided by the storage facility. Before you decide to rent storage in NYC, see whether they provide insurance.

signing a contract
Always opt out for insurance for your storage unit

Now you’re ready to store away

Self-storage units are ideal for people who need to store their items before they decide to move to a new home or clean their living space. However, without the correct care and attention, what was supposed to be a simple and practical solution can rapidly become a nightmare. Make sure you avoid the common difficulties that many people experience when storing their stuff. Before you throw your belongings in a box and close the door, read our guide on common self-storage mistakes to avoid.


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