9 Storage Tips for Books


Reading lovers have large home libraries and even though most of the books have been read, they do not discard them easily. However, there are periods in life when that large number of books must be temporarily shelved. Maybe you need that space for a different use, or you’re moving. Or maybe it’s just an amount that can no longer fit in the currently available space and you want to save books for future generations. In that situation, it is best to rent storage. Find out more about how to store your book collection with these 9 storage tips for books. With the help of our experts in the selection of storage, you will get a small or extra space storage NYC, according to your needs. Thanks to that, you won’t have to sacrifice what you love the most.

Why is it important to know these storage tips for books?

Books are made of paper, and as we know paper is subject to decay. Under the influence of external agents, paper disintegrates, and books become damaged. That is why it is very important to choose appropriate storage and store books properly so that they remain in their original condition. Whether it’s private or business storage NYC, we will provide you with the most secure and affordable storage.

a person packing books
The importance of proper packaging is one of the 9 storage tips for books

1. Use secure storage

When you decide to store your belongings, the first thing to think about is their safety. When storing books this becomes even more important if you are keeping editions that are emotionally or monetarily significant. Some storage is poorly secured, old and shabby and does not have easy access. The storage unit must have 24-hour surveillance, security, and cameras. So be sure to choose secure storage.

2. Choose storage with special conditions

As the paper is organic, it can be attacked by pests, bacteria, and fungi. When it comes to storing books, it is very important to choose an air-conditioned storage facility. High temperatures can destroy printed papers, and low temperatures with high humidity can have an even worse effect. Moisture can cause mold or warping of books. The optimal temperature of the unit where the books are kept should not exceed more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the warehouse should be fireproof. We all know that paper does not withstand fire. Therefore, when choosing a storage unit, discuss the conditions of the facilities with the experts of self storage NYC, so you can rest easy.

3. Keep termites away from books

The appearance of termites on books is a big problem. You certainly don’t want to leave books in storage where they will become food for termites. When choosing storage, you must take care of the cleanliness of the space. It’s also important to check all the books when packing, so you don’t bring pests into the unit yourself.

The first signs of infection are the appearance of dryness and yellowish on the pages of books, holes in the pages, as well as structures in the form of veins or tunnels on or around the book. As far as possible, before packing in storage, keep books in the sun. If pests are not visible, and they are present among the books, the sun’s rays will ward off the termites feeding in the book. To avoid the stress of book destruction, reserve your self storage Manhattan as they maintain cleanliness and proactive pest control and prevention.

properly packed books as one of the storage tips for books
Pack the books in sturdy, small cardboard boxes so that they stand vertically next to each other

4. Choose appropriate boxes for packing books

The boxes you will use to store books must be clean. Although it seems ridiculous, it is the most important thing when keeping books. If the boxes were previously used for food or were stored in basements and attics, there is a high probability that they have attracted moisture or microbes. This will have a negative impact on the survival of your books. So, book packing boxes must be new and clean.

You can use cardboard boxes or plastic containers. Cardboard boxes should be smaller but sturdy. The cardboard will reduce the appearance of mold because it will allow the books to breathe. Good ventilation is only effective for cardboard boxes. On the other hand, plastic containers will protect books from moisture. However, plastic does not react well to high temperatures and exposure to sunlight. So, they should be kept away from it.

5. Put the books in the upright position

If you are wondering if there is a correct position for books when packing in boxes, the answer is YES. Although many people pack books horizontally, so that they lie on top of each other, this is not the correct position. When stacked, the books should stand vertically, like in a library. Place them standing up with their spines visible. Sort books by genre, so it’s easier to find them when you need them. Also, pack them according to size, to save space, as well as according to the type of binding.

6. Extra protection for your books

Before you put books in the box, it’s a good idea to flip through each book to get rid of the dust. You should remove any bookmarks or other paper inserts. If you want to further protect your books, wrap them in a piece of material or a book jacket. One of the more effective protections is heat shrink film. Shrink bags are practical for packing books as well as strong and durable. They will prevent scratches and dents from appearing on the book cover. It will also protect the books from dust. After placing the book in the bag, seal the bag with a heat gun.

7. One of the storage tips for books is to do the proper shelving

Book boxes must be stored on well-ventilated shelves. In addition to the appropriate temperature, air humidity is also important. When it comes to storing books, the space where they will be stored must not have high humidity. However, great dryness will not suit the books either. Book pages will become brittle, leading to cracking and tearing. Shelves should be kept away from the wall. This provides additional ventilation around the books. They should be shelved so that they are safe. Sort the boxes by size and arrange them so that they do not fall off the shelves.

8. Don’t leave book boxes on the floor

If the storage unit does not have shelves, it is best to bring them. Books should not be stored on the floor. Use tables and wooden pallets in addition to shelves. If the book boxes are directly on the floor, they can absorb moisture. Likewise, you should avoid placing bookshelves on exterior walls. Unlike internal walls, external walls always react to changes in temperature outside. In storage units, use metal instead of wooden shelves. They will be easier to clean and will not be a target for termites.

boxes on wooden pallets
The safety of the book boxes is ensured by the use of wooden pallets

9. Check the books in the storage

Just because you’ve rented small storage NYC and packed all the boxes, you haven’t completed your obligation to the books. Storage should be visited at least 4 times a year, and it would be optimal once a month. In addition to cleaning the space, you should also look through the books. That way, you will notice any changes in them in time and prevent further damage.

With a good storage company and these storage tips for books, you’ll feel worry-free

Now that you know these 9 storage tips for books, you can start looking for all the necessary materials and slowly prepare your book for its new home. If you have any doubts about finding storage or proper storage, we are always available for consultation. With the help of storage professionals, everything will be done quickly, easily and most importantly safely.


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