A guide to choosing a secure storage facility


Moving is never complete without a proper storage unit. While there are many DIY solutions available on the Internet, nothing beats a quality storage space. Once you place all boxes there, you can focus on other moving tasks. However, keep in mind that choosing a secure storage facility should take some time. Thanks to this helpful article we wrote for you, it won’t take too long to find a proper storage company that offers its services at affordable prices. We at NYC Mini Storage stand at your disposal as a top-ranked storage provider whenever you need extra space storage NYC has on offer. Therefore, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience and find out why we stand out as one of the leading NYC storage companies!

Why choosing a secure storage facility is important?

The storage industry has come a long way in the past few decades. As a result, customers can choose from a wide array of storage solutions and sizes. Also, the price points are diversified. That makes it easier for people to find ideal storage solutions for themselves while staying within their estimated moving budgets. Storage units are necessary when moving, traveling the world, or refurbishing your home. Therefore, it’s important that your items are stored inside a secure space.

guy choosing a secure storage facility
Choosing a secure storage facility is important when moving, renovating a home, etc.

Safety is the key reason why people opt for modern storage units. Not only do they keep unwanted guests away, but also save you some money? Wonder why? Well, it’s common for people to ignore the importance of storage and rather use a spare room or basement. The problem with DIY storage options is that they are very difficult to maintain. Plus, it’s not possible to manage the temperature inside the room/basement. All those seemingly unimportant factors actually affect the condition of your items. And finally – DIY solutions aren’t the safest options. That’s why you need a secure and well-maintained storage facility. 

There are different kinds of storage solutions

Ask yourself the following questions when choosing storage:

  • For how long should I be moving?
  • Is it possible for my relocation to last a bit longer than I expected?
  • Do I have many breakable and expensive items?

Based on these questions, you’ll easily decide whether you need a long-term or short-term storage unit. For more complex relocation endeavors, opt for climate controlled storage Manhattan companies have on offer. Climate-controlled units are undoubtedly the best storage options you’ll ever find. The temperature inside such storage spaces is always the most optimal, regardless of the season. That way, the items stay in one piece and safe inside, as long as necessary. Plus, such units are ideal for the majority of items. Furniture, electronics, breakables liquid products – all of them remain safe inside climate-controlled facilities. Also, keep in mind that your items have to sit somewhere for days. That’s why the storage you rent must be clean and sanitized.

two guys inside an indoor storage unit
There are many quality storage options in NYC.

How to choose a safe storage unit?

You will have to spend some time searching for long-term or short term furniture storage NYC has. It’s important to find hire a storage company that provides a maximum level of safety. In addition, you have to be sure the storage is of the highest quality and worth the coin. Such storage is possible to find only at storage companies that invest a lot of effort into their work. Therefore, take time to research and compare the companies before you make the final decision:

  • Browse nearby storage providers and check their official websites. See if their contact details and a free storage estimate are visible on their homepage.
  • Read reviews from previous users on multiple platforms (officially website, YELP, etc.).
  • Ask friends or family members for a recommendation.
  • Contact storage providers and request to see their facilities in person.
  • Ask the company’s personnel about CCTV monitoring.

The best storage solution is also the one that is accessible to you 24/7. That way, you can access your goods in case you need them. Moreover, you don’t have to worry whether the company is going to hold your items hostage. While there are reputable companies that strictly define their working hours, the best solution is to choose a storage facility you can access at all times.

List a few reputable storage companies

One of the most common mistakes people make is forgetting to do a quick background check on a potential storage company. Besides the storage quality, you also have to ensure the company’s personnel is the one you can trust. That’s why it’s important that a storage company you want to contact is certified, and with a clean track record. There’s no need to deal with any company that left their customers with bad impressions, let alone had a history of legal disputes.

two guys inside a storage unit
Choose a company that employs trustworthy and time-efficient personnel.

Nowadays, you can find some of the best pick up and storage NYC services. This is especially important if you live a bit remotely. All you have to do is hire a credible storage company, and wait for their staff to come and pick up your belongings. However, don’t forget to do a background check on any particular company. You need to make sure your belongings are sage

Stay away from fraudulent companies that don’t have your best interest at heart

When choosing a secure storage facility, it’s useful to know how to recognize legit storage companies from fake ones. First, fraudulent companies often don’t possess the necessary licenses. Second, they reject people’s requests to see the units in person and rather try to convince potential customers into renting their units. That’s why you shouldn’t let any company guarantee the storage quality just like that. As a customer, you deserve to have all available information about a product and thus make the best decision for you.


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