A guide to leaving Manhattan to retire


We all have plans and dreams of how we are going to spend our retirement. That is usually a time that we want to dedicate to our hobbies. And, after working for ages in the big city, so many people are opting for leaving Manhattan to retire. They want to move to some peaceful place. Also, most people will decide where to go after retirement, while still working. And that is good practice, as you can plan your funds. Also, you have to decide between relocating to a smaller place close to NYC, or moving interstate. In both cases, you can easily contact secure storage NYC.  Namely, before moving, people usually downsize. So will you. But, what if you still wish to keep some of your possessions? That is exactly what we can help with.

Leaving Manhattan to retire

Manhattan is rather an expensive part of NYC. And, not many people will be able to afford the cost of apartments and utilities after retirement. However, they might still wish to stay in NYC. In such a case, they are usually moving to a smaller apartment. And to one of the cheaper boroughs and neighborhoods. In case you are like them, you will have a lot of use of storage space. The good news is also that the storage units are available in Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens.

You will rent or buy a smaller apartment. You will stay in the city that you love. Also, you will have your possessions close by. At any time, you will be able to visit storage and take some items that you need. Basically, you will use storage as an extra space. For example, you can keep winter clothes in it during the summertime. Or, you can keep there some equipment that you need just occasionally. Such equipment can be your fishing equipment.

Man and Woman Sitting on Couch after leaving Manhattan to retire.
We all have plans and dreams for the time after retirement.

You may decide to start a private business after retirement

Some retirees are moving across the country or overseas. They are looking for new, exciting places to spend a good quality time in there. However, for some people, pleasure means going out to the countryside. And starting with gardening, hiking, or simply enjoying peace.

However, some retirees will find pleasure in starting their own businesses. For example, you might already have a home studio for taking professional pictures. The equipment is rather sensitive and expensive. So, moving it with other household items can be risky. It has to be handled differently. And kept in a well-protected place. If so, business storage NYC is the right place to keep your equipment. And, you can keep it in storage as long as you need. So, once you settle down in your new home, you can relocate the equipment there.

What if you are leaving Manhattan to retire cross-country?

It might happen that you are moving cross-country. But, you have a car that you are attached to. So, you are not ready to sell it. And, you can’t drive it on your own. One thing is for sure. You will not be able to move the care along with the rest of your household. The reason is simple. Companies, different from the company that transports your things, are responsible for car shipment.

Modern car in lightning service garage.
Keeping your car in the storage unit, be sure that it will be secure and insured.

Keeping your car safe until transportation time

The car shipping companies will usually wait to get a certain number of orders. They will not make such a long trip to deliver one or two cars. For example, you have moved to California. So, they will wait until they get more orders to drive cars to CA. 

During that time, you will have to keep your car safe. Leaving it parked for a long time on the street is not a good solution. It can get damaged. Or even stolen. Luckily, you can keep it in car storage NYC. There, your car will be safe. And, well-taken care of. Also, while keeping it in storage, your car will not only be protected. It will also be insured.

Moving overseas for retirement

It is not unusual that people are moving overseas after retirement. There are many destinations to go to. In general, retirees will look for places with a nice climate. Many people were lately moving to Spain. And they were mostly moving to places close to the sea. So, they can get houses there at reasonable prices. And they could enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

Still, some of them were planning to come back after several years. So, they wanted to keep their possession in the US. The best solution for such a situation is to keep your possessions in storage facilities Manhattan. Concluding a long-term agreement with the storage, your possessions will stay in good hands. And, once you come back, and find a new home, you can easily move them.

A man inside the storage unit.
The storage unit staff will check your items occasionally.

Keeping your possessions stored for a long time

When you plan to keep your possessions stored for a long time, it is very important to choose the right storage. And, as per the agreement, storage unit employees will make sure to check your items occasionally. That way, both you and storage may benefit. Namely, if unattended for a long time, your items may develop some problems. For example, not knowing it, you could store an item with moths inside a box. Ald locks in the storage unit.

Drawbacks of moving abroad after leaving Manhattan to retire

Moving abroad can look like a good idea. Many people, working in their offices, dream of leaving Manhattan to retire in some exotic country. Many will do that. And a lot of them will be satisfied with their new lifestyle. However, before leaving the US, you should inform yourself of the drawbacks of retiring abroad. That will show you if you are ready for a new adventure. Or, you will feel more safe staying in the US.


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