A guide to packing up your office in NYC


No matter what is your job, how many employees you have, or how big your office is, packing up your office in NYC is something that might cause you some headaches. That is why you should check some instructions and ask for everything you are not sure of. However, there is one thing that is certain. You will need some additional space for all of your items. Therefore, looking through the storage options NYC an be a solution to all of your problems. Meanwhile, follow this guide and get your office packed in no time.

Ways of packing up your office in NYC

One of the first things, when you think about packing and organizing a relocation of your office, is how much money everything will cost. However, there are some ways you can save more money than you have thought. One of the ways of doing it is to pack by yourself.

This is not as easy as you have thought so. You will need to get proper packing materials and find the exact number of them. If you do not calculate the number of packing materials and supplies you need, you might end up short. However, there are some items in your office that are not supposed to be packed in boxes. This is the case with your furniture. You should protect it and label it before you place it in the furniture storage NYC. You can be sure that the piece of furniture will be safe there, considering the fact that this is one of the best storage units in NYC.

working place ready for you to start packing up your office in NYC
Make sure that you have enough packing materials.

Get informed on time!

It is not a big deal if you do not know how to properly pack your office. This is actually something that most people who have not experienced relocation before do not know. Therefore, it is really important that you are free to ask professionals everything that you need to know. Or even do not understand. For instance, how will you deal with some broken items -the items that have been damaged during the transportation? All of these information you need to know before you pack your office and rent storage in Manhattan NY if necessary.

What kind of packing supplies will you need when packing up your office in NYC?

To pack in the proper way, you will need some packing materials and supplies. If your goal is to save money by packing on your own, packing up your office in NYC will be a hard task.

The first thing you will need to do is to find whether you have previously used boxes. This is really important for making computers or machines. If you have them, use the original boxes of these items. It will save you a lot of money, based on the fact that you will not have to buy too many of them. And it is not a big difference between boxes that are new and that are used one time.

Besides boxes, you will need to prepare next:

  1. scissors,
  2. packing tape,
  3. wrapping tape, and other wrapping materials,
  4. packing paper,
  5. labels,
  6. markers or some stickers.
man in the office
The number of boxes you will need depends on how many items you have when you start packing up your office in NYC

Boxes you should consider when you are packing up your office in NYC

The size and the number of boxes will depend on the number and the shape of items you are packing. But, talking to people who had experience in kind of packing, we have come to this conclusion:

If your office is 500 sq feet big, you’ll approximately need 6 small, 6 medium, and 6 large boxes. Of curse, this all depends on the type of job and what kind of materials you have in your office.

The other example is if your office is for example 2000 sq feet, you will need a larger number of boxes. The statistics hos that for an office this big, you will need about 16 small, 30 medium, 9 large, and 3 extra large boxes for packing.

Keep in mind that these are numbers roughly taken from the statistics and people’s experiences. You might not want to pack your office in the way others did. This is just something that will help you orient and get informed about how much money will you spend on getting this material.

Of course, there are some items you have and some stuff in your office that cannot be packed in boxes. This is the case with cars that you use for work. Or if your product is cars. In this case, you can search for the car storage NYC and keep your vehicle there while you are preparing everything else for packing.

Empty the desk and the shelves

The main reason for this is that you will need to disassemble your furniture before packing. You need to empty the drawers because you will not be able to pack the rest of the desk if you do not. You can always rent secure self storage NYC and keep those items there. It will be easier, especially if you are buying a piece of new furniture. You will have all of your small items in one place for unpacking.

Why is it so great to have an office in NYC?

Well, to start with, the city of New York is the best place for new job opportunities, new skills, and meeting so many new and great people. You will be lucky to get a job here. Even luckier to expand your exciting job or start a new one. There are tons of customers, and the variety of jobs is enormous. You will be glad to work and live here.

Another great thing about this place is that it is very well connected. You can easily get from one part of the city to another in no time. This is very convenient if you work in one neighborhood and live in another.

cars on the street
It is easy to commute to NYC

All of these tips and tricks on packing up your office in NYC will mean nothing if you do not have a place to put all of those boxes. Therefore, renting some of the best storage facilities you can find in NYC is the best solution for you.


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