A quick guide to business storage


While self-storage units are usually mentioned in relocations, storing clothes and furniture, they are actually a great way to make your business prosper. By utilizing one or more of the commercial storage units NYC has on offer, you might be able to rake in higher profits or make your business operate more smoothly. But before you opt for including a storage unit in your business, you might want to know more about them. And this is exactly what our guide to business storage will allow you to do. We will go over all the things you need to know about commercial storage options!

A guide to business storage – Everything you need to know!

When it comes to business storage options, you will need an answer to the following questions:

  • Why may you want to use business storage?
  • Is it the best option for your business?
  • What are you able to store?
  • How to find the ideal storage facility?

As well as consider:

  • Document storage
  • Storage as a warehousing solution

While this may look like a lot to process, it is all quite logical. Furthermore, by knowing the answers to the above questions, as well as considering a few alternative ways to utilize a storage unit, you may get some ideas on your own. You may find a whole new way to utilize one of the storage units Manhattan has to offer after you finish reading! With that in mind, let’s dive right into the “meat and potatoes” of this guide!

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We will provide you with all the information you might need!

Why utilize business storage?

The first benefit of having a storage unit has to do with the cost. As a business owner, you are most likely painfully aware of how much it costs to rent or purchase a larger office. As well as aware of the high shipping costs and long waiting times to get your products in the hands of your clients. And then there’s the fact that some goods all but require the use of a climate controlled storage NYC option. All of this can be enhanced if you carefully choose the right storage unit. Most, if not every company, can profit from having additional storage space, after all. But before you set out searching for the best unit, you will need to answer the following question:

Is business storage right for you?

While our guide to business storage presumes that your business will be enhanced by renting a storage unit, the reality is that not every business will see large improvements. In other words, you need to be sure that the extra space that the unit provides will be used to its full potential.

Commercial storage, after all, can be a big investment and you will need to rethink your whole logistics chain. Therefore the choice to rent storage in NYC is not a decision to take lightly. While a storage unit is quite versatile in its application, there are situations where you don’t actually need one. Furthermore, you may want to talk with your storage provider and see what kind of services you can expect. Storage units come in different sizes and styles, as well in various locations. If you can’t find a unit that is in a convenient location and just the right size, you may be better off pursuing another option.

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Business storage is a great way to declutter your office.

What can you store inside a storage unit?

As mentioned previously, storage units are highly versatile. Retailers, for example, use these facilities to store their stock. This makes it easier for them to track and keep their inventory. On the other hand, hospitality businesses opt to store extra tables, chairs, and linen, allowing them to customize their capacities to the current demand. Whereas tradesmen use business storage to store their tools and large equipment that gets used infrequently.

But no matter what you choose to store, you can count that your belongings will be safe and sound. Provided you choose a reputable storage provider, that is. Many companies offer secure self storage NYC options but only a few can boast clean and secure facilities. You will do well to do your research beforehand. You want to work with a specialized storage provider and not one that has storage services as an afterthought.

A quick guide to business storage – Finding the ideal storage facility

Once you discover that your business can profit from having a storage unit, it is time to figure out the best unit for the purpose. The first two things that you need to look at in a storage unit are its location and ease of access. You don’t want to be renting a unit in the middle of nowhere, after all. As for ease of access, you might want to rent a unit with drive-up access. However, do note that these facilities are usually less secure than the traditional storage facilities.

Drive-up access usually means that there will be more dirt and water on the site, compromising the safety of anything that is stored inside. But this does not mean that you will want to discount them altogether. There are numerous storage units in the city of New York that have extremely high cleanliness and safety standards. If you absolutely have to have drive-up access, you will do well to consider these units.

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Before you complete the deal, make sure that the facility is exactly what you need.

Document storage and you

Storing documents these days is usually the purview of cloud storage and digitalization. But there are some documents that require being kept in their original, paper, form, for decades or more. Prime examples of these documents are tax returns, invoices, and various receipts. Businesses are required to keep these documents for at least seven years. And during that time, if your business has a lot going on, you will need a place to store them. Having a dedicated document storage facility is the best option at your disposal.

Online store warehousing

The last thing we would like to mention in our guide to business storage is that you can utilize a storage unit as a warehousing solution. In most cases, you will have more amenities inside the unit than you would have in your own home or office. Not to mention that you will avoid all the clutter.


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