A room by room packing checklist


One of the biggest concerns people have when relocating is how to pack properly and most efficiently. The best way to pack is actually to do it room by room. However, this is a piece of information that is not enough for those who are first-time movers. That is why in this guide you will see the ultimate room by room packing checklist that will help you have an organized, fast and proper packing process. All you have to do is continue reading and search for the options NYC Mini Storage is offering you. These professionals will find a place for everything you own.

Where to start?

So, you have been given information that room by room packing is the best one. But where should you start? Asking you these questions is going to give you multiple answers that will be a huge help later on. The best rooms you can start with are the ones you are not using that often. However, most people will recommend you pack the room that requires a lot of hard work and time. This is not wrong. But on the other hand, packing these rooms will take a lot of your time and patience and you will end up losing it. Therefore, the rooms you should avoid when starting to pack are the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. Later on, you will find out why are these rooms the ones you should leave for the last.

a room by room packing checklist written by hand
Write down all the rooms you have in your home and keep track of your progress

Making a list of your rooms is a great way to start a room by room packing checklist

The best way to start making this checklist is to write down all the rooms you have around the house. This will give you a chance to choose the room you would like to start with. One of the things you must not forget is to find a place where you will place all of your boxes after they are packed. If you are lacking space, you should consider finding storage near NYC. Here you can place all the boxes that are properly packed and not worry about them until the moving day. Or even after.

If you pack the items you do not need daily, or you even use them just once a year, keeping them in Manhattan storage NYC is a great idea. You will not have to think about them until you are in need. So, if you want, for example, to remove Christmas decorations from your home, placing them in the storage units near you will give you a chance to make more space around the house and, what is most important, get them anytime you want.

Why you should not pack the kitchen and the bathroom first?

Well, even though it sounds logical that you should pack the rooms with the most items, it is not good to start with the kitchen. The reason is simple. You are using everything from it daily. Multiple times a day. Especially those people who have kids. Preparing their meals and having everything you need to prepare them is crucial. However, if you have some items and appliances that you do not use very often or once a year, those things can be packed.

When it comes to the bathroom, you are using almost everything inside. There are the items that you need and those things can be packed last. After all, if there is something you have forgotten to pack, all of those things can be easily bought somewhere else.

packed items in packing paper
A room by room packing checklist should contain the packing supplies also

Labeling is the key!

There is no point in packing room by room and making a room from the packing checklist if you do not label the boxes you have packed. That is why you will need, along with packing materials such as boxes and packing tape, some markets or stickers.

Once you step into the room you want to pack, remove all the fragile items. Make sure you have packed and secured them even twice. After those items are in boxes, make sure you write on that box FRAGILE. Make sure you write it on every side of the box. Even though movers you hire for storage pick up NYC, and even though these professionals will give their best to remove all the boxes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The other items you pack should also be labeled. But you do not need to write down the content of the boxes. You can just write which room these items belong to. You will be well informed because you are the one who was packing it.

There are some things you should not label like when you are preparing to move your car. Think it through. There is no box big enough to place a car inside. Plus, if you get the car storage NYC, your car will be in the same shape as you have left it.

Decluttering should be on your room-by-room packing checklist

This is a part of the job that everybody hates, but it is not so hard. If you are too emotionally attached to these items, make sure you call over some friends and relatives. They will be able to be more objective and deal with decluttering and giving away some stuff. You can sit and watch and decide what to keep and what to donate to a charity in NYC. Someone will definitely need things you do not.

fragile label on the box
Do not forget to label the boxes

You do not have to follow this checklist. Make your own room by room packing checklist. As long as it is proper and efficient packing and it suits you, everything will be alright. Therefore, use these tips and make sure that everything you have packed will be safe.


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