All you need to know before moving to Morrisania


Moving to Morrisania is a significant step, and like any big move, it demands careful planning and research. It involves understanding your future community, from its culture and history to practical aspects like using public transport, looking for storage NYC locals recommend, and housing. So, before you pack those boxes, it’s crucial to arm yourself with valuable information. We are here to guide you with just that. Moreover, we explore details that can make or break your moving experience. Consequently, you’ll be better prepared to make informed decisions, thereby making your move less daunting. You will have a clearer picture of what to expect and how to navigate the challenges that come with relocating to Morrisania.

Morrisania, your new home in NYC

If you’re thinking about settling down in the South Bronx, Morrisania should be on your radar. It’s a snug neighborhood that’s got a little bit of everything. Living in the Bronx means you are never too far from the action of the wider New York City. Although it’s not a spacious area, you’ll find there anything you need. Schools for the kids, parks for weekend picnics, and shops for those retail therapy sessions—it’s all here.

Bronx panoramic shot
Morrisania is a cozy neighborhood in the South Bronx, offering a mix of city life and community spirit.

Wondering about the lifestyle and atmosphere in Morrisania? It’s a sort of a small town tucked inside a big city. It’s a friendly neighborhood where you’ll feel welcome no matter where you come from. The kind of spot where you can strike up a conversation with a stranger and walk away feeling like you’ve made a friend. Young folks, families, retirees—everyone finds something to love here. Give it a visit, and you’ll quickly get why folks are so attached to this slice of the Bronx.

Making ends meet in Morrisania

Understanding the cost of living is a key aspect of moving to Morrisania. It is a bit easier on your bank account than in other New York cities, but it’s still pricier than most places in the U.S. Here’s what you need to know about budgeting for each month:

  • Utilities: Alright, let’s talk basics, which include electricity, water, and gas. You’re looking at shelling out about $150 each month for those. Tack on another $60 to $90 for internet.
  • Groceries: Now, for keeping your fridge stocked. You’re looking at around $527 a month. And just to be clear, this is for your run-of-the-mill groceries. We’re not discussing those fancy organic avocados or nights you decide to ditch cooking and order takeout.
  • Dining out:  For a quick, inexpensive meal, you’re looking at around $21. But if you’re in the mood for something more upscale, a three-course dinner for two can cost you about $65. Keep these figures in mind; dining out in the Bronx can add up quickly.
  • Transportation:  If you’re relying on public transport, a single ride on the subway or local bus costs $2.90. But here’s a perk: use the same contactless card for 12 rides in a week, and the rest are free. If you’re more of a car person, don’t forget to budget for gas (0.98$ per liter), insurance, and the occasional tune-up. So, whether you’re tapping an OMNY card or filling up the tank, transportation costs are something to keep an eye on.

Once you’ve got your budget all mapped out, but wait—what about that extra stuff you can’t fit in your new place? In that case, the 24 hour storage Bronx locals prefer could come in handy. Consider these costs when planning your move to Morrisania as well.

Some basic pointers on housing and rental prices

One of the most important items that affect your budget is definitely housing. Those of you considering moving to Morrisania will realize the Bronx is more affordable than other New York boroughs. To put it into numbers, a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx costs about $1,400 per month.  A family home, on the other hand, could reach the figure of $450,000. Trust us, these figures are a relief compared to Brooklyn or Manhattan. There, you could be paying $2,200 or even $3,000 for a similar-sized apartment.

mini model of the house on the rental contract
Moving to Morrisania offers affordable rental prices compared to other NYC neighborhoods.

The real estate market here is complex, offering both older homes full of character and newer, modern developments. If you’re leaning towards renting, the rates are also more budget-friendly. Rental prices in the Bronx can vary, but smaller studios, on average, cost around $1,981 per month. Larger apartments with four bedrooms can range up to $4.500 per month, depending on the neighborhood and amenities. And if you find that you have extra belongings that won’t fit in your new place, storage units Morrisania citizens hire quite often are a convenient option to consider.

So, when you compare it to other boroughs, moving to Morrisania could be a financially smart choice. Just make sure to replace these illustrative numbers with up-to-date data for accurate planning.

Morrisania offers educational choices for every family

As for education, Morrisania offers two main routes: public schools, which are easy on the wallet, and private schools, where you might get more individual attention but will definitely feel it in your bank account. If you’re all about quality, P.S. 140 Eagle School is the public school everyone raves about. Now, if you’re leaning private, St. Augustine School is the talk of the town, but be prepared to shell out about 8,000 bucks a year.

No colleges in Morrisania, but don’t sweat it. The City College of New York isn’t far, and it’s a really good choice. Tuition is approximately $7,000 a year if you’re a New Yorker, which isn’t too expensive. If you came to NYC to enroll in a City College from out of state, there are places where you can rent storage in NYC. This option will save you the headache of moving in and out and wondering what to do with all the stuff. So, when it comes to education, Morrisania’s got options that fit different needs and budgets.

pupils in the classroom
The area is well-equipped with essential services, including schools, parks, and shopping options.

Healthcare you can count on in Morrisania

Morrisania offers a variety of healthcare options, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their budget or specific needs, has access to medical services. Health insurance plays a significant role in navigating this landscape. EmblemHealth is one popular provider in the area, offering a range of plans that can help offset costs at various medical facilities. For those who may be relocating to Morrisania for its healthcare services, some local storage facilities offer a self storage first month free deal, which can be a real boon during the transition. Just remember, the cost can vary widely, so it’s crucial to do your research and possibly invest in a good insurance plan.

Top-notch healthcare facilities in Morrisania

For starters, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center is a key facility in the area, known for its comprehensive services. Here, you will pay for a visit to the doctor from $100 to $200 if you do not have insurance. As for dental check-ups, they range from $75 to $200, depending on the clinic and required intervention.

Another reputable institution is Montefiore Medical Center, an excellent choice for those who require specialized care. It’s a bit pricier but offers cutting-edge treatments. Health insurance is a big factor in managing these costs, and many locals opt for plans that cover both general and specialized care.

Additionally, community health centers like Urban Health Plan offer affordable options for those on a tight budget. These centers often work on a sliding fee scale, making healthcare accessible even if you’re pinching pennies. Importantly, these centers are a lifeline for uninsured residents.

Furthermore, telehealth services are gaining popularity in Morrisania. These online consultations are convenient and cost-effective, with prices usually starting at $50. It’s a great option for minor issues that don’t require immediate physical attention. In summary, Morrisania offers a range of healthcare services to fit various budgets. From top-tier hospitals to community health centers, you’ve got choices.

a group of medical workers
Healthcare options in Morrisania range from top-tier hospitals to budget-friendly community health centers.

Job opportunities await in Morrisania

The job scene here is pretty miscellaneous. If you’re into healthcare, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center and Montefiore Medical Center are the places to be. You’ll find everything from starter gigs to jobs that need specialized skills. And the pay isn’t too shabby either; you’re likely looking at an annual paycheck between 50 and 60 grand.

But maybe you’re more of a retail person? No worries, Southern Boulevard Business Improvement District has got you covered. It’s a lively spot with a mix of local stores and big-name chains, so you won’t run out of places to apply. Plus, getting around is a piece of cake thanks to reliable public transit.

Now, if you’re someone who likes to make your own schedule, the gig economy is booming here. We’re talking Uber, DoorDash, and the like. It’s a hit, especially among students and folks who want some extra cash without the 9-to-5 grind. And don’t forget, Manhattan is just a quick subway trip away, so you can always broaden your job hunt.

If you work from home, you’ll be happy to know that Morrisania has several co-working spaces with fast internet to help you get your work done. Also, if you’re between jobs or planning to stay for an extended period, you can find long term storage NYC residents rely on to keep your belongings secure.

Get around Morrisania with ease

The public transit here is on point. Subways and buses are everywhere, making it a breeze to get to Manhattan or other NYC hotspots.  If you’re more of a car person, street parking exists, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes. That’s why a lot of folks go for monthly parking garages to skip the headache. And hey, if you’re into cycling, Morrisania is becoming more bike-friendly. There are bike lanes and even Citi Bike stations for those who prefer pedaling their way around. Got a motorcycle? You can easily find motorcycle storage NYC locals rent to keep your bike safe when you’re not riding. It’s a handy solution, especially if your apartment is lacking in the garage department.

a man rides a bicycle in the middle of the city on a bicycle path after moving to Morrisania
Citi Bike stations are becoming more common, offering an eco-friendly way to get around.

Citi Bike Stations are a green commute option

Ever thought about ditching your car for something a bit greener? Well, Morrisania is making it easier than ever with Citi Bike stations popping up around the neighborhood. It’s an easy way to get from A to B without all the stress related to the lack of parking and traffic jams. Just find a station, grab a bike, and off you go. When you’re done, just park it at the nearest station.

In case you’ve got your own bike collecting dust because you’re short on space. That’s when a storage pick up service might be wise to use. They’ll come to your place, grab your bike, and keep it safe until you need it again. It’s a total win-win: you get more space at home, and your bike stays safe. Between Citi Bike and these cool storage options, being a cyclist in Morrisania is a breeze.

Considering all these options, Morrisania makes it pretty easy to get from point A to point B. Whether subway transportation suits you, or you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or a cyclist, you’re covered. It’s one of the many Morrisania perks that make living in this neighborhood a smart move.

A couple dancing among cardboard boxes before moving to Morrisania
If you’re considering moving to Morrisania, our company can help make your moving process painless and carefree.

Your next chapter starts with moving to Morrisania

If you’ve been considering a move to the Big Apple, Morrisania is worth a serious look. This South Bronx neighborhood offers a unique blend of city excitement and community warmth. From its well-rounded educational options to its robust job market, Morrisania has something for everyone. Getting around in Morrisania is a breeze, no matter how you like to travel. Subway, bike, or motorcycle—this neighborhood’s got you covered. So, prepare thoroughly before moving to Morrisania and enjoy the advantages of living here!


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