Best Christmas decorations to make your home merry


Are you getting ready for the best time of the year? Christmas is coming and every year we give our best to make our homes merry. Still, even though we all have tons of decorations from previous years in storage, every year we like to add some new pieces to the assembly. Just to make things more interesting. Of course, the looks of the pieces we buy depend on the trends. And in the following article, we will take a look at this year’s best Christmas decorations that you can use to make your home look better than it did in previous years.

Christmas decorations spend most of their time stored

Before we start going through the best Christmas decorations that you should check out, it is important to bear in mind that in most cases when we decorate our homes, 90% of the assembly will consist of old ornaments we used in previous years. Only about 10% will be decorations that you bought this year. Of course, in order to make your home look nice and cozy with the help of old decorations, you need to make sure that they are stored properly. Because Christmas ornaments spend the majority of their life stored.

Christmas decorations in a crate
Christmas ornaments spend most of their time in storage

They come out for a few weeks during the Christmas holidays and then they go back to boxes to wait for the next year. Unfortunately, keeping items that spend most of the time stored in good shape is not easy. You need to make sure that they are properly packed and that you find some good extra space storage NYC offers. Only good storage facilities can provide your items with suitable conditions for long term storage, which is definitely the case with Christmas ornaments.

Bring back the spirit of old times with a ceramic Christmas tree

Vintage decorations are making a comeback this year. Surely you remember those ceramic decorations we used when we were kids. A decade ago they were replaced with decorations made from more modern materials like plastic. However, again it proves that fashion trends are going in circles. Now is the time for ceramic Christmas trees to make a comeback. Of course, there are many designs, sizes, and shapes that you can find in various places. Our suggestion is to check out the decorations that you keep in your long term storage NYC and see which type of ceramic Christmas tree will fit best with your existing set.

Curtain string lights make a perfect backdrop

Curtain lights can really enhance your entire Christmas setup. You can find them in many different shapes and colors.  There are battery-powered versions and those that are powered by electricity though. If you are getting a battery-powered light, make sure that you get an extra pack of batteries. If you decide on the other option, make sure that you take all measures of precaution. After all, you are putting cables on easily flammable curtains. Still, even though the battery-powered version is safer for your home, you need to pay attention when storing it. More precisely, make sure that you get the batteries out before you put it in storage.

Decorate your windows with come cool snowflake stickers

White snowflake stickers will quickly put your windows into a Christmas setting. You can get them in different sizes and shapes, but not the colors. Christmas stickers are white and there wasn’t any trend in the past that questioned that dogma. Stickers of the highest quality are easy to remove and can even be reused the following year.

Don’t forget about your front yard

Another trend in the past few years is oversized Christmas ornaments. Usually, you can see them in front yards or near the entrance of the house. They can be very beautiful or very tacky, depending on the setup. Ornaments like huge lollipops, Santa’s sleigh, oversized tree ornaments and etc. can also be a DIY project. It can be an easy and fun way to spend some quality time with family and friends and get a great decoration in the end. If you don’t have enough free space to store the decoration or if you don’t have a way to transport them you can also call storage companies that pick up and problem solved.

decorated home exterior
Show your neighbors that you are in a holiday mood by decorating the exterior of your home

Replace your old wreath details with new  ones

One of the must-haves in every season are Christmas wreaths. There is a variety of wreaths, different kinds of colors, sizes, and materials. Wreaths have become a thing for every holiday or season, but when you see the green one with a beautiful red bow, you can simply smell Christmas.

Create your own Christmas village

If you want to go big this season, you can make your own Christmas village. This is the most beautiful décor that will definitely make your holiday special. Usually, we can see the miniature villages under the tree or on the mantle, but it is completely up to you where you will place it. Collect a couple of small houses, trees, maybe a mini church, and some foe snow, and there you have it – beautiful and unique decoration that everybody will enjoy.

Design your own table centerpiece by combining your old decorations with some natural branches

A table centerpiece such as a vase with string light and filled with classic ornaments will brighten up your dinner.  Also, a cute burlap table runner with some branches in the center will give a very natural tone and feeling.

A classic green garland is one of the best Christmas decorations

A garland on the staircase or anywhere else in the room will most definitely make your home merry. You will not need too much other decoration besides a nice garland with little red bows or string lights, to make your home feel Christmassy.

decorated garland
A green garland is a classic

Decorate your porch with a large lantern filled with candles

Lanterns on the porch side or inside your home are also contributing to a warm and cozy feeling. Just imagine a large lantern filled with simple white candles – it can almost substitute a fireplace. Another great solution and excellent decoration is to light various size candles and create your own fire pit. Of course, make sure that you take all measures of precaution when playing with fire.

Store your ornaments properly

Those are the best Christmas decorations that you should definitely try this year. If you store them properly afterward, you will be able to use them next year as well. And, the best place to store your decorations is in some good storage facility. Of course, not everyone is ready to invest money in renting a storage unit for the sole purpose of storing Christmas ornaments. Luckily, there are places where you can get self storage first month free. That will, at least to some degree, lower your expenses.


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