Best neighborhoods to raise a family in Manhattan


If you’re planning to move to New York City with your family, it’s important to find a community that can support and nurture you. You’ll need a place that meets your basic needs and enriches your family life. To help with this, it’s essential to explore the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Manhattan. Additionally, it is important to explore storage options NYC residents recommend because space can be limited in this bustling metropolis, especially for families.

New York City is a great place for families

New York City is often thought of as a city for young professionals. However, it’s also a great place for families. A significant number of families live in NYC, with 22% of the population being aged 25-34. This dispels the myth that Manhattan is only for single professionals. In fact, it can be ideal for families, offering a unique blend of cultural experiences and community warmth that is hard to find elsewhere.

A parent carrying their child through the streets of one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Manhattan
Increasing numbers of families are making their way to the Big Apple.

The best neighborhoods to raise a family in Manhattan

When it comes to finding the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Manhattan, several key areas stand out. Each of these neighborhoods offers its own unique set of advantages for family life, from excellent schools to abundant green spaces and community events. Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Lower Manhattan
  2. Harlem
  3. Upper West Side
  4. Chelsea
  5. West Village
  6. Lower East Side
  7. SoHo
  8. Tribeca
  9. Morningside Heights

Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan, often associated with its fast-paced financial district, surprisingly stands out as one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Manhattan. This area is not just about towering skyscrapers; it’s home to a growing number of families. The population here is diverse, with a mix of young professionals and families. The neighborhood’s overall vibe blends old charm and modern convenience. With a variety of schools and family-friendly parks, it’s an ideal place for family life.

When considering storage Lower Manhattan locals always use, it’s important to note the availability of various options. Storage solutions here cater to families needing extra space, a common requirement in city living. In fact, storage units in the area have seen a steady demand, reflecting the area’s residential growth. The median home price in Lower Manhattan hovers around $1.2 million, with rent values averaging $4,000, aligning with the area’s upscale nature. The main industries here include finance, tech, and retail, contributing to a median household income of approximately $130,000. This economic stability is crucial for families, ensuring a secure environment for raising children. For family entertainment, Lower Manhattan offers many, like the famous Battery Park, museums, and family-friendly restaurants. The area combines the excitement of city life with the comforts needed for family living.

A parent and a child hugging
Contrary to popular belief, Lower Manhattan is also home to a large number of families.


Harlem, known for its rich cultural history and community spirit, is also a fantastic place for families. The neighborhood’s population is a hotspot of cultures, offering an enriching environment for children to grow up in. The overall vibe of Harlem is welcoming and lively, making it an appealing choice for families.

Housing in Harlem offers more affordability compared to other Manhattan neighborhoods, with median home prices around $760,000 and average rents near $2,500. Even though it is cheaper than the previous option, in some cases, renting storage units Harlem residents praise is more affordable than moving into a bigger apartment. And let’s not talk about the strenuous process of moving as a family.

The area boasts a variety of industries, from arts and entertainment to education and healthcare, leading to a median household income of around $62,000. This economic diversity is important for families, offering various opportunities for employment and stability.

Harlem is also rich in family-friendly entertainment options. From historic theaters and music venues to parks and community centers, there’s no shortage of activities for families to enjoy together. A favorite attraction amongst kids is the Totally Kid Carousel – which was designed with little humans in mind.

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is a neighborhood that combines classic New York charm with modern living, making it one of the most desirable places for families in Manhattan. The area is populated by a mix of long-time residents and young families, creating a warm and inviting community. The vibe here is relaxed yet sophisticated, with tree-lined streets and stunning architecture.

The Upper West Side is famous for its cultural institutions, excellent schools, and lush parks, making it an ideal neighborhood for family activities and education. A great place to pay a visit to is the Hippo Playground. Apart from the overside animal statues, the parks host various events during the summer, and the Hippo Playground Spring Fair.

The housing market here is quite dynamic, with median home prices around $1.5 million and rent values averaging $2,300. The neighborhood’s main industries include education, healthcare, and arts, contributing to a median household income of about $143,000. This financial stability is a key factor for families, providing a secure base for their children’s upbringing. If your occupation has something to do with art, or it is your hobby, we know how fast these collections grow. Luckily, the storage units Upper West Side locals love using are spacious, conveniently located, and well-priced.

A brownstone building
Manhattan is perfect for art lovers.


Chelsea, with its thriving art scene and many galleries, is the number one pick among the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Manhattan. This neighborhood is not just about art; it’s a community where families can enjoy a lively and enriching lifestyle. Chelsea’s population is diverse, housing both single artists and families, creating a unique and lively atmosphere.

In terms of living space, many families in Chelsea utilize storage options. Storage Chelsea residents recommend has become increasingly popular, providing a solution for those needing extra room in their homes. This need reflects the urban lifestyle where maximizing space is essential. The median home price in Chelsea is around $1.2 million, with rent values averaging $2.200, indicating the area’s high demand and upscale nature. The neighborhood’s primary industries span across art, technology, and retail. The median household income is about $130,000. This economic backdrop supports a stable and prosperous environment for families.

Chelsea is also abundant in family-friendly activities, including art workshops, parks, and community events, making it an ideal place for nurturing creativity and family bonds. For those hot summer days, we recommend the Chelsea Waterside Park. But for those who want to match the neighborhood’s artsy vibe, we recommend an art class at Kids at Work.

West Village

This neighborhood is perfect for families seeking a quiet, community-oriented lifestyle. The population here counts 30,500 people, which is a blend of established residents and young families, all drawn to the area’s peaceful charm. This is something that can be rarely found in NYC.

For families moving to the area, storage West Village locals recommend often comes in handy. Even though a peaceful area, the housing market can be unpredictable, so it is always better to have a plan B for your items. The median home price in the West Village is about $1.3 million, with average rents around $2,600. These figures reflect the neighborhood’s desirability and upscale status, mostly due to its calm aura. The main employment sectors include arts, education, and hospitality, with a median household income of approximately $150,000.

The West Village is also home to several parks, family-friendly restaurants, and cultural activities, providing a well-rounded lifestyle for its residents. For example, Cowgirl is a lovely Southwestern American restaurant that is beloved among families with kids.

Lower East Side

The Lower East Side, with its eclectic mix of history and modernity, offers a dynamic and diverse environment for families. This neighborhood has a rich cultural heritage, reflected in its population’s diversity. This makes it an exciting place for families to experience different cultures and traditions.

As with many areas in Manhattan, families on the Lower East Side often require additional storage space. Storage Lower East Side residents rely on is widely available, catering to the needs of families living in apartments or smaller homes. These storage options provide a practical way to manage belongings in an area where space can be limited. The median home price in the Lower East Side is around $900,000, with average rents near $3,000. These figures, coupled with the neighborhood’s varied industries, contribute to a median household income of about $70,000. This economic diversity supports a lively and inclusive environment for families.

The Lower East Side is known for its lively street life, diverse food scene, and numerous family-friendly activities. From its historic sites to modern playgrounds and educational centers, the area offers a stimulating and engaging environment for families.

A street in Manhattan
Your family will be exposed to different cultures in Manhattan.


SoHo is also a top choice for families seeking stylish living in Manhattan. This neighborhood offers a unique blend of luxury and family-friendly amenities. The population of SoHo counts 11,000 residents, and it is diverse, with a mix of artists, professionals, and families, creating a dynamic and engaging community.

The median home price in SoHo is around $2.5 million, with average rents near $4,500, highlighting its status as a sought-after area. In an area like this, every square inch counts, which is why you might want to consider renting storage SoHo locals rely on.

SoHo is also home to excellent schools, art galleries, and parks, providing a stimulating environment for children and adults alike. Just to give you an idea, Stuyvesant High School is the #4 best public high school in NYC and it is located in this neighborhood.


Tribeca, known for its spacious lofts and high-end living, is another standout among the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Manhattan. This area combines luxury with a strong sense of community, making it an ideal place for families looking for an upscale urban experience. The neighborhood’s population includes a mix of celebrities, professionals, and families, all drawn to its exclusive feel. Tribeca boasts numerous family-friendly amenities, like building a robot out of everyday items at  Brooklyn Robot Foundry Tribeca.

Even though most homes in this neighborhood are quite spacious, the need for storage Tribeca locals love often arises. Whether you family is moving or renowating, it is always smart to rent a storage unit.  The median home price in Tribeca is about $2 million, with rent values averaging $3,100. These figures reflect the neighborhood’s luxury status. The primary industries here are finance, film, and legal services, with a median household income of about $216,000. The high incomes are followed by high costs of living, but this area provides financial stability that each family needs, especially in the uncertain times that we live in.

Morningside Heights

Morningside Heights is well known for its academic institutions and family-friendly vibe. This makes it a great place for families who value education and community. This neighborhood is known for its intellectual atmosphere, thanks to the presence of prestigious universities and cultural institutions. The population here is mostly made up of students, but families in search of good quality education are also moving into the area. And if you are in search of good quality storage while you move, check out the various companies that offer storage Morningside Heights residents always recommend.

Morningside Heights offers various family-oriented activities. One of the must-visit places is Kitchenette Uptown, where you can get baked goods and milkshakes. Your kids will love them, guaranteed!

A street in one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Manhattan
If you are looking for top-notch education, Manhattan should be your new home.

Choosing the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Manhattan

There is an extensive list of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Manhattan. But not every family’s needs are the same. Some might crave upscale living, while others might want to live in a peaceful neighborhood while still being close to the big city amenities. So, no matter what other people’s opinions are, you need to research, think, and consider your family’s wishes. After all, an informed decision is what will make your move successful.


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