Best places to live on Long Island


Long Island is home to many wonderful neighborhoods and towns. Finding the right place to live and finding self storage Long Island City  during your move can be difficult. This is especially the case if you are unfamiliar with the area. Long Island is more than just one large neighborhood. That’s why we have made a list of the best places to live on Long Island, whether you want to be close to the beach or have an easy commute to New York City.

Long Island offers places for everyone

Most people refer to Suffolk and Nassau Counties when they discuss Long Island. This area of New York has a diverse range of suburbs, each with its own distinct charm. Moving can be a challenging task, especially if you are moving from a bigger to a smaller apartment. In that case, definitely take into consideration to rent storage in NYC and keeping your belongings safe. Compared to the rest of New York City, you’ll notice a different mood on Long Island, and by reading the following you will understand why.

Long Island
Long Island truly has neighborhoods for everyone.


With a population of 22 thousand residents, Massapequa is the place to go on Long Island if you want to find a suburban oasis. It is located on Oyster Bay. Massapequa is considered very safe and as per statistics, the city is safer than 63% of other cities in the country. No wonder families and older people all make up a big part of the population. Your secure self storage NYC here will be definitely safe. This suburb is known for having six different elementary schools, and a large number of high schools with high rankings. Even though the median home value of $580,900 is higher than the national average of $244,900, 96% own their own homes. Massapequa is a town on Long Island that is known for its restaurant called “All American Burger.” A lot of people like being outside, whether it’s for a walk in the park or a picnic at the beach.


Commack is a town in Suffolk County with a population of 36 thousand people. It is a neighborhood in the town of Huntington. It is considered a great place for athletes due to a lot of open space, public parks, and sports facilities. The Long Island Arena is one of the best-known sports facilities in the area. The neighborhood is safe and friendly, and there are many things to do nearby. The Outback Steakhouse, Spicy Home Tasty, and Paradise Pizza are well-known eateries in this little town with a modest suburban ambiance. With a median home value of $560,800, it is slightly more affordable than Massapequa, and 93% of people own their own homes. However, if you are still not sure what do to with your belonging between moving, think about of usage of climate controlled storage NYC.

House in one of the best places to live on Long Island
Beautiful suburban houses are common in Long Island cities and neighborhoods.


Merrick combines superb suburban life with close access to New York City to provide the best of both worlds. It is on the southernmost point of Long Island and is well-known for its beaches and warm weather. Merrick has a population of 20 thousand people. The median home value in Merrick is $610,000 ad 95% of people own their homes. Merrick is very safe and considered to be safer than 57% of other cities in the United States. Your finest choice if you’re looking for a top-notch educational system is going to be Merrick. The school system in this neighborhood is renowned for being the greatest on all of Long Island. Merrick is also known for the ice cream brand Ben and Jerry.


Compared to previously mentioned places, Islip has a bigger community of almost 340 thousand residents. As per, the median home value is $401,400. This place is very safe and it’s safer than 51% of other US cities. Certainly, this is one of the reasons why it is considered a great place for raising a family. The town’s educational needs are met by the Islip School District, which has four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The Great South Bay, offers a lot of options for boating, fishing, and other water sports. There are also a number of parks nearby, such as Heckscher State Park, which has a beach, picnic spaces, and hiking paths.

Great South Bay is one of the best places to live on Long Island


With a population of 26 thousand people, Plainview is considered the number 8 best place to raise a family in all of New York. One of the best things about Plainview is the great schooling system. The Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District is highly rated and has great academic programs for students of all ages. There are two high schools, one middle school, and four elementary schools in the district. Also, there isn’t much crime in the area and Plainview is 56% safer than other US cities. According to, the median home value is $632,300 and 91% of people own their own homes. But if you are in a need of space to store your things during the move, consider the short term furniture storage NYC.

Those were one of the best places to live on Long Island

In conclusion, Long Island is home to many great communities with a high quality of life, great schools, beautiful beaches, and easy access to New York City. It definitely had a lot of different kinds of towns and villages. We just made a list of the ones we consider to be the best places to live on Long Island. Long Island has a high standard of living and a strong sense of community no matter where you choose to live. It really does have something for everyone. Beautiful scenery, a long history, and many different kinds of people. Long Island is a great place to live, whether you want a quiet suburban life or a taste of city life close to the city. We are sure you will enjoy it, no matter which city or neighborhood you choose!





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