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Controlling Pest Infestation In Your Self Storage Units

By admin | February 25th, 2016 | Leave a Comment

Self-storage units are great when one thinks about packing, storing and moving without too much of a mess. Indeed, they prove to be very convenient because they are usually pest free and the items you store in them stays free from any damage. That being said, there might be some cases where a self-storage unit might become infested with pest. Sometimes, while at other times it is because the users put in things that catch pests or brought pest into the storage with their goods.

Take an informed decision
One of the main reasons for pest infestation in a storage unit is because the operators seldom have any control over what is being brought in by the customers to store inside. So, it is the job of the ones who are using the storage units to take informed decisions while storing anything inside the storage units.

Read the manual and rules properly
The customers should read the manual and check with the staff before storing the things properly. The staff should also check the items before allowing it to be stored inside. Anything that might not be listed on the manual, should be consulted with the staff by the customers.

Pest Control Treatment
Storage facilities that are aware of mice and rodents problem will ensure that the storage floors will be treated with a timely pest control service. Pest control service kills the intruders and keeps your goods clean and safe from possible infestation.

These tips must be kept in mind when using a self storage unit to store your goods and valuables.

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