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Facilities Offered By Storage Services

By admin | April 16th, 2014 | Leave a Comment

Storage services have changed a lot from what they were in the olden days. Modern day storage facilities offer plethora of benefits to their customers. These services offer storage units that are ideal for temporary as well as long term storage. You can choose from different storage units to store various items and even your vehicle.

Here are some of the different facilities offered by the storage services.

  • Climate Controlled Technology: this is the latest innovation in the storage industry. A certain level of temperature is maintained in these units to withstand extreme weather conditions. This protects your belongings from harsh weather conditions. These units are safe for keeping your belongings like jewelry, paper items like stamp collection, documents, books, etc. also, these storage units are ideal for keeping your vehicle well maintained as there is no scope for formation of mold or dry spots.
  • Dry Guard Technology: This technology is more innovative than the temperature-controlled unit. In dry guard technology, dry air is pumped inside a climate-controlled unit. The dry air reduces humidity which is a major cause of degradation and erosion. It also prevents bacteria or other pests to get into the unit. This technology prevents the corrosion of delicate items like wooden furniture, artwork, LCD TV, computers etc.
  • Advanced Security System: The storage services emphasize on the safety and security measures to keep your belongings safe and secure from all types of loss or damage. These storage units protect your belongings from calamities like storm, flood and fire. These storage units are fenced and are kept under CCTV surveillance that leaves no scope for any theft. They also provide 24/7 security guards to make sure that your belongings are kept safe.

If you are looking for a good storage service, you can search for storage NYC online. You can choose from temporary and long term storage depending upon your requirements.

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