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Hire Self Storage Containers for Keeping Your Articles Safe

By admin | September 14th, 2015 | Leave a Comment

If you live in an urban area (especially in our home region of NYC) you must definitely know the value of space. Many times you can find yourself without enough space to store all of the things you own. Using a self-storage service can solve this problem as well as keeping your things safe. In fact, self-storage facilities are not only for individuals but businesses as well. Making it easy for commercial or residential customers to find the right storage solution for them.

Sometimes your apartment or home just runs out of space and you’re left trying to find space for your personal possessions. Heirloom furniture, photos, and other important keepsakes can mean a lot but they take up too much room. Throwing them away isn’t an option as having those items and memories is important to each person’s heritage and story. Businesses may have similar problems with a small amount of office space, but plenty of records that need to be kept. Using self-storage can solve these problems as items can be kept safe, secure, and under insurance coverage.

Storage units are available in various sizes that typically can be switched for larger or smaller rooms depending on how your needs change. Picking the right size is key, as you would not want to be paying more when you don’t need the space. Insure that you have enough room to move around the objects as you never know when you’ll have to find and item. If the unit will be storing irreplaceable items you may want to look into extra insurance coverage. Most facilities offer a nominal coverage but anything over that you’ll want to take care of yourself.

You will also be able to pick from two kinds of storage units, climate controlled and non-climate controlled. If you’d like to preserve delicate items from heat, cold, or humidity you’ll want to find a facility with climate controlled units. If you’ll be using the item for a short amount of time or know that fluctuations in temperatures won’t affect your items then a non-climate controlled unit will work well. Try to find a self-storage facility near your home or office as you never know when you’ll have to pop in and grab something. A facility near a main road will also make this task easier and is something to consider in your search.

Keeping your items safe goes past changes in humidity. Most self-storage facilities will provide the right security features, if they don’t that’s a warning sign not to rent. Having video cameras in the hallways of the facility is an important feature for deterring theft. Inquire with the facility manager as to their status as to make sure properly. Ask to be shown the live feed if you want to confirm their claims. Don’t give your key away to other people and ask for a unit in a well-lit area. If you keep these tips in mind there is no question that your items will be stored safely.

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