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Home > Blog > How to Choose The Right Moving And Storage Company for Your Move?

How to Choose The Right Moving And Storage Company for Your Move?

By admin | May 24th, 2016 | Leave a Comment

The process of finding a good moving and storage company can seem to be an extremely daunting task if you don’t know the right way to make your research. You need to take a systematic approach to select the right moving company that will take care of your specific moving requirements. Here are a few steps that will help you through the process –

1. Timing – While selecting the right moving and storage company, you must remember to request bids from shortlisted movers as well as check their references to see whether they are reliable or not. You should give yourself plenty of time so that you don’t get disappointed later. It’s best that you shortlist a few companies beforehand through the internet which is an excellent source. After that you should narrow down your selection of companies by matching them with your specific moving requirements.

2. Quality of Service – The company which you choose for your work should have a desirable service record. You can look for testimonials on the internet that will help you find the reputable ones for the job. Your friends and acquaintances can also give you smart advice on whether a company is satisfactory or not that would depend on the quality of service provided by them.

3. Moving estimate – Obtaining estimates from the shortlisted moving companies is also important as it will help you manage your desired budget. It would be difficult to get a 100% accurate budget, but you would at least get the estimate that will help you get prepared for the move. Moreover, you should also make sure that the moving professional knows about any conditions at your new home that might complicate the move, such as stairs, elevators, and etc. You should also call and ask them questions if you don’t understand anything. If you have several reasonable sounding bids from a few reputable moving and storage companies, you must not be afraid to negotiate to get the best possible rate.

4. Make sure that the company has the license and insurance – Any company that you choose should be licensed and insured that would ensure complete safety to your items. The company should have both bodily injury and property damage insurance as well as cargo insurance.

5. Written copy of the mover’s inventory list – On the moving day, you must not forget to get a written copy of the mover’s inventory list and make sure that you have a number where you can reach the movers throughout the move.

These are are a few things that you should consider while hiring a moving and storage company that will make your move a hassle free experience.

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