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How to Find Reliable Storage Units?

By admin | March 25th, 2016 | Leave a Comment

All storage facilities are not same, so your choice will depend partly on your needs and partly on the conditions of the storage units. Finding a trustworthy storage unit is like finding a trustworthy landlord, except you only really get to deal with the storage company once or twice when you sign up and move in.

You should look at these attributes in a storage facility to deem it useful for you.

  1. Super Customer Service
    The first time you contact a self-storage facility whether by email, phone or in person, you will find out how customers are treated. A good manager will greet customers in a friendly manner and answer all questions throughly and efficiently.
  2. Hands on Manager
    You should see a manager at the facility who is interacting with customers and solving problems. A manager who lives on-site, is ideal. A good manager should inform his or her customers about the actual gate and office hours.
  3. Ask if There are any Rental Specials or Discounts Available
    Most storage companies will offer you the first month free which makes the transition from an old storage unit to a new one very easy, or if you want to make moving into a new unit a little less painful for your wallet.
  4. Cleanliness
    The state of the office and the storage facility should give you a clue about the overall cleanliness of the place. A clean floor and a clean office shows that the facility is well maintained and your belongings will be safe and secure.
  5. No Pesky Critters
    A good facility will contract with a pest control professional who visits regularly. It is extremely important to prevent infestations because pests can do plenty of damage to the stuff stored inside. Facilities must address pest issues not just every month, but seasonally.
  6. Tight Security
    You do not want your stuff to get stolen, so make sure any facility you are looking at has good security. A secure facility should have a gate with computerized access as well as security cameras and good lighting.
  7. Visit Multiple Locations Before Signing
    Repeat this process with several storage units in different locations before you can call anyone and sign up for a specific storage unit.

Take your decision to rent storage units, after evaluating and thinking upon these considerations.

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