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How to Keep Appliances in Bronx Storage Unit?

By admin | January 8th, 2013 | Leave a Comment

Bringing home appliances like ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers is a big investment. Hence, you need to put little extra efforts to keep them safe in a storage unit. Appliances stored for any length of time may get ruined by environmental damage if you keep them without taking the below mentioned measures:

Prepare appliances for storage

Begin with wiping out the entire exterior and interior of the appliances. If you are planning to store refrigerator in the storage unit, do wash the defrost pans and drip trays properly. Do not forgot to drain water from pipes, hoses and plastic tubing. Before moving your appliances, treat these with a pest repellent or insecticide after treating the storage unit itself.

Prevent damage during transport

Separate fragile components like glass shelving from the appliances and wrap them completely to prevent breakage. Also, cover all the doors of appliances with strong adhesive tape. Make sure appliances are loaded at last in the truck so that these can be unloaded first.

Protect from the Environment

At the storage facility, unload the appliances first from the truck and keep these in the back of the storage unit. Remove the packing tape from the appliances and leave its doors ajar or simply separate them for preventing mildew growth. You can cover the appliances with canvas tarps or cotton sheets to protect these from dust

For the safety of sensitive internal components of appliances, make sure you choose the climate-controlled space out of the various storage units, Bronx.

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