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How to Know if You’ve Hired the Right Moving Company

By admin | September 29th, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Congratulations! You’ve found a new place to live and it’s time to move. The problem is you have plenty of belongings and want to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Allowing your friends to help you move may be budget friendly but the quality of their work may not quiet be up to par. Hiring experts is going to be the solution for you. Now it’s moving day, you’ve done your research, looked up reviews, received several quotes, and chosen the company to entrust your items to. Today is the day you find out if all your research paid off. So here is how to know if you’ve hired the right company for your move.

There are a few qualifiers that will determine your end happiness with the company. Employees, methods, and end result are the main components of a quality move. We’ll be leaving price out because that was most likely a determining factor in your choice of company. The end result will be the signifier of if you think you got your money’s worth.


Quality employees are a sign of a good company. A quality mover will employ movers who are excited to be doing what they do. They are flexible to your space but at the same time aren’t going to upcharge you with tons of fees. Arriving on time will be a huge indicator of a good group. And if something has delayed them (traffic, an accident) they call you straight away and continue to keep you updated throughout the drive. Some sort of uniform is always appreciated and makes for a more professional feeling team.

Moving Methods

Using the right amount of packing materials is a sign of how your items will be protected. Placing heavy items at the bottom of the box and putting lighter ones at the top will protect items from breaking each other. Watch how the movers wrap your valuables and notice if they take care with each item. Bringing the proper supplies to wrap furniture will be important to insure they don’t get dirt or grim on the fabric. If your boxes have to be moved down stairs are the movers careful not to nick walls? And do they place the boxes carefully in the truck without throwing or slamming them down? If you see movers using methods that you are unsure of talk with the foreman for the group. Express your concerns and ask him to address them.

the End Result

At the end of your move you have to ask yourself if you were happy with how everything happened. Was the price worth the service you received? Do you feel like you could have used more attention or did the foreman ignore your concerns? Did they complete all that was asked of them while bringing proper supplies? Leave a review online no matter how you feel. Share how the move went and if you had any concerns that were addressed during the move. Let the main office know how you felt as well, this will help them with future moves and perhaps they’d love to feature your testimonial.

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