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How to Pack for Storage Unit?

By admin | November 26th, 2012 | Leave a Comment

It is a wise decision to store your belonging in the safe and secure self-storage building while moving away from the city. But it becomes quite difficult for the New Yorkers to pack their possessions for the unit. To relieve you from the packing headache, we are here with certain tips that would let you pack the belongings smartly in no time.

  • Pack the items in superior quality sturdy boxes and packing materials.
  • Try to pack the belongings in boxes of similar sizes. It would then become easier for you to store them in the unit.
  • Box all the items that you will keep in the unit as the possessions left open would gather dust.
  • To avoid any damage, fill the boxes to capacity but do not overload as it would become difficult to lift them.
  • Use towels and papers or any other special packing to fill the gaps in the boxes.
  • Label all the boxes to make it easier for you to identify later.
  • Label fragile on the box containing breakable belongings.
  • Pack the fragile items like ornaments, glasses, dishes separately with bubble sheet or paper. Keep them close in the boxes and fill the left space with crushed paper.
  • Do not put any heavy item on the top of fragile box in your private storage unit.
  • Throw the bag present in vacuum cleaners before storing them.
  • Seal all the boxes with tape before placing them in the unit to keep the dust out of your possessions.

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