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Learn About Good Storage Units!

By admin | August 4th, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Storage units are spaces in which you can keep some of your excess belongings. If you decide to rent a storage unit in New York, it is important that you get to know about the different features it can offer.

Here are some features that should be associated with a good storage unit in New York:

1. Size matters – Your goods will store better if you have enough storage space to allow some space between columns of boxes for air to circulate. You may prefer to rent a larger space than you think you need, to ensure you do not have to stack items too high and risk falls and breakages, or to stack furniture on top of other furniture and risk scratching your good furniture that you do want to keep. Before you choose a storage unit to suit your needs, estimate the cubic space you will need to store the goods when you stack the boxes or furniture as you would like to store the pieces. If you do not want to stack the furniture, you will need a larger storage space.

2. Easy access – If you are moving interstate for a few months for work and will not need to access the storage unit in the meantime, you probably don’t need the 24 hour access option. But if you are using the unit to store goods for your commercial premises, such as a retail store, you may indeed want the 24 hour access option, as you may need to restock shelves after usual business hours.

3. Security, a major concern – One of the biggest considerations when choosing a storage unit should be the level of security. You may want to check whether the company changes keys and locks when renting out the unit to a new customer, so that previous customers cannot continue to access the unit in any way. You also want security cameras, a fenced and secured perimeter, and suitable locks that will prevent thieves taking your valuable goods.

4. Correct temperature control – Make sure that your storage unit is protected sufficiently from flooding during heavy rainfalls. Stored items might get damaged by the natural elements like floods and snow. So, there should be measures taken up by the facility provider to protect the goods from these elements also.

With the help of these features, you are likely to choose one of the best storage unit facilities in New York.

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