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Practical Self-Storage Tips for New Yorkers

By admin | October 31st, 2012 | Leave a Comment

It becomes quite difficult to move to a new place with all your belongings. An option is to store some of your items in a self-storage facility, where these can be kept secured till the time you are away from the city. We understand packing is not an easy job. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention while wrapping up your possessions. Here are certain tips that would lead you to pack the items wisely for the unit.

  • Make a check list of all the items that are to be stored in the self storage unit.
  • Use moving blankets, plastic covers, bubble-wrap, cardboard, boxes, tapes, and alike items to pack your belongings. Use the material as per the type of item, for instance, use drop cloth and bubble sheet to pack the delicate and fragile items.
  • Disassemble the bed frames, lamps and other such items for the optimum utilization of space in the unit.
  • Keep the most commonly used items at the front of the unit.
  • Pack the cartons to the capacity. Avoid partially full or bulging containers as these may collapse or tip over and cause damage to your belongings.
  • Use small boxes for packing heavy weight items like tools or books.
  • Place the delicate & fragile items at the top of the unit.
  • Label all the cartons for easy reference.
  • Cover fabric furniture with a plastic drop cloth for providing added protection to your possessions, whether you have selected large or mini storage, NY .

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