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Store Your Heirlooms and Antiques With Care!

By admin | February 24th, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Storing antiques and heirlooms can be a troublesome task. They require utmost care and should be kept safely. But the question arises, what is the best way to ensure their longevity?

Weather takes a toll on most of the objects in our houses. There are temperature fluctuations, humidity and sunlight etc. that happen to wreck our prized belongings. Even insects ruin the collectibles. Left in these conditions, albums, records, photographs and metal/iron based belongings tend to get ruined badly as they attract either humidity, dust and rust (when the matter comes to iron based belongings).

The best way to secure the valuables is to store them in climate controlled self-storage units. They help to protect both heirlooms and antiques from the harsh weather taking a toll on them. Irrespective of what the weather outside be, all the belongings stored in there are kept safely.

There are various things that get affected by the surroundings. No matter how benign it seems paper gets affected largely from its surroundings and so does fabric. Paper gets deteriorated by high humidity, excessive sunlight and poor air circulation. Ink and paint can fade or could bleed when stored under less than desirable conditions. Paper readily absorbs and yields water vapor when it is exposed to different atmospheric conditions, so it is ideal to store them in climate controlled storage units.

Insects quietly (of course) but significantly achieve victory in damaging the antiques and heirlooms. Silverfish, cockroaches, wood worms, and termites tend to inhabit dark, warm places, where they grow vigorously on wood, paper, glues and fabrics.
It is necessary to keep all the essential belongings that are antiques, heirlooms and other very important things in such a manner that they withstand the rigorous weather. To combat that, climate controlled storage units are the leading options that you may avail.

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