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Storing your Motorbike

By admin | April 21st, 2015 | Leave a Comment

People who own motorcycles face problems when they have to move somewhere and can’t take their bikes with them. At this point of time, a vehicle storage facility is the best option you’ve got. This type of storage will keep your motorcycle in premium shape and ensure that it is ready to ride when you are. When opting for a storage facility, keep the following tips in mind:

Make it Ready

Prepare the motorcycle for storage by making sure your engine oil is clean, checking the fuel delivery systems and protecting the various components of the motorcycle from rusting. Consult your mechanic to know what more could be done.

Wash, Wax and Polish

Give your motorcycle a thorough cleaning prior to storing. You could also wax the paint and polish the chrome fixtures on the motorcycle. It’s better to store a clean bike than to store a dirty bike.

Change the Necessary Fluids

Your bike will need changing of fluids before storing. Fluids like brake fluid, hydraulic clutch fluid and coolant need to be changed. This will help to prevent any deposits from forming while it is in motorcycle storage. Oil and filter, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, tranny fluid and brake fluid should all be changed right before storage


There are various issues faced by the owners, when they store their vehicle for long without utilizing it. There are some precautions you could take. Batteries tend to discharge when they are not utilized for long period of time. Disconnecting the battery cables will help avoid any difficulties with the circuits when you return.

One Last Ride

Hop on your motorcycle and take it for the one last ride. Find a warm day and enjoy the breeze on the open road. Since it will be a while before you get a chance to do so again. Cover the motorbike when you store in the facility, it will help prevent the accumulation of dust. Use a dry and clean cover for your vehicle. When done with this, you can carry on with your moving preparations. Your bike will be in top-grade condition when you return back. So leave all your worries and enjoy your move.

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