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Tips for Selecting a Storage Service Provider

By admin | November 10th, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Square footage is becoming more and more of a luxury, especially in New York City. Flats, condos, and apartments though affordable, do not have a lot of storage space. So whether you are out of space, relocating, or renovating, you may need a storage unit. Using a unit will assist you in keeping your extra items safe and declutter your life for a bit. With all the options out there it’s difficult to chose which storage unit to use. Finding the right reviews, price, and features takes time. But with our tips you’ll be able to find the right storage unit in no time. To differentiate between a good storage service provider and a bad one, you can look at different features of the storage units.

Consider the following when searching for a storage facility:

1. Affordable rates: Before making any deal with the company, you should discuss the rates of the service that they provide. If their price is above your budget, then you can ask for a deal that is affordable, or consider consulting the next company.

2. Licensed and insured storage facility: A company that has a license, and is insured can be a company that can be trusted. Storage units know the risk of providing bad service. Hence, they ensure that the units they provide are able to fulfill your needs and demands.

3. Safety: This is one of the most important factors that you need to check before selecting any storage unit. Your belongings are usually expensive and can be stolen from an ordinary storage unit. The company you choose should make sure that all your belongings are safe and secure from any such threat. Those who cannot provide protection to your belongings should be avoided at any cost.

4. Fire proof: We never know how or when can a mishap take place. Therefore, the company should be equipped to deal with any such problem. The storage units should be fire proof and strong enough to deal with any other hazard.

5. Modern surveillance: The technology today is advancing and excelling in every field. Similarly, there are several modern surveillance camera and machines available in the market. The company should not only be dependent on manual security and should have the modern surveillance to ensure the security of your belongings.

6. Protected from pests: There should be timely pest management at the storage facility to ensure that no damage is caused to your belongings due to pests and rodents.

7. Climate control: Whether the climate outside is stormy, sunny or rainy, the storage unit chosen by you should be able to deal with all kinds of climate changes.

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