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Tips for Storing Electronics

By admin | January 24th, 2013 | Leave a Comment

Storing belongings at a storage unit is definitely a great option when you are moving out of the city. Though, it sounds easy to shift but when it comes to storing electronics you need to be extra careful. Factoring the below mentioned factors would help you to protect your electronics from any potential damage.

Store in Original Packaging

If possible, store your electronic belongings in their original packaging as these are designed to keep the items safe during storage and transportation as well.

Avoid Plastic Wrapping

As plastic traps moisture that can cause mold, avoid storing your electronics in a plastic wrap. Instead, use a breathable fabric like cotton. It helps in keeping the electronic devices safe.

Store Batteries Properly

Devices like laptop have lithium-ion batteries that lose their charge relatively fast when stored either completely charged or empty. Therefore, store such devices with 40% charge to have the maximum use out of them.

Climate Control

For electronics, choose to have a climate-controlled storage unit from different types of New York Storage Units available. It is essential as there are some types of electronics that end up breaking down in too hot, cold or humid weather. A climate-controlled unit will keep your electronics in the same condition even if these are stored unused for many years.

Whether you are keeping your electronics in a storage unit or basement, make sure you have the back up of all the pictures, software, music and videos stored inside it.

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