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Tips To Store Your Clothes In a Wardrobe

By admin | March 2nd, 2015 | Leave a Comment

When it comes down to storing our clothes in closet, we always face a hard time. With so many dresses to store in little space, it usually becomes a menace to find the appropriate place for all. People fail to manage their wardrobes properly, and end up just stuffing their clothes in their wardrobe, creating a huge mess. Below, I shall throw some light on useful tips to store your clothes in your compact wardrobe.

De-clutter – To begin with, get rid of the clothes that you have not worn in ages. This will definitely provide you the much needed extra space to store other useful things.

Arrange your wardrobe – Store your most-used items at eye level, then the less-used items below, and least-used items up high.

Use Drawers and Hangers – Try and combine different storage units to fit your needs: use hangers for dresses and suits, drawers for the folded items, and boxes for the odds. Also hangers help to keep more than one garment at a time without getting them creased or spoilt. Make use of the shelf dividers efficiently, and keep folded clothes or accessories neatly with shelf dividers.

Optimum utilization of space – Use the vertical spaces that are present at both above and below the closet rod to store more. Moreover, curtains are a better option to use instead of the closet doors as they offer more space. One can also use hooks to create the extra storage space to hang inside things inside the closet.

Keep your closet in shape – Treat your closet like a small room, and keep it clean and tidy. Store things in order and properly.

So, if you’re looking to store your priceless collection of clothes, shoes and accessories properly and seeking a professional help in this, then do your research properly and then opt for one. Browse through Internet, read books, and then select the perfect mini storage that suits your needs and requirements.

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