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When Packing for Self-Storage Unit in Bronx, NY

By admin | October 20th, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Packing your belongings for storage unit becomes quite a daunting task. It can be easy if you pack your possessions while keeping the following tips in mind:

  • As box strength gets degraded with the passage of time, look for strong and sturdy boxes that can keep your belongings intact in the storage unit.
  • Go for small size boxes as it would become easier for you to stack them in self-storage facility.
  • Use bubble wrap to pack separately breakables and fragile items like glasses, dishes and ornaments.
  • Do not keep any heavy item on the top of boxes marked fragile.
  • Empty space in the box may cause the box to crash, and damage the items during transit. To fill up the space in boxes you can use towel, paper and other such materials.
  • Remember! don’t make the box too heavy that it becomes difficult to lift the box in the truck.
  • Keep the books flat in the box to avoid damaging the spines.
  • Do not pack the belongings into sealed plastic bags as humidity will cause mildew. Try to avoid storing wet items in your storage unit as this would lead to mold mildew or wetness damage.
  • If you are going to store a refrigerator, make sure you defrost the freezer before storing it in the unit.
  • Also, drain your washing machine before storing.
  • It would be wise to wipe the insides of the large appliances with bicarbonate of soda before placing them in the unit.

We hope that these tips would help you out in utilizing the maximum space available in self-storage, Bronx, NY.

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