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Why You Should Hire a Moving and Storage Company

By admin | November 18th, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Moving is a part of life that is necessary, stressful, and exciting at the same time. Finding the right place, packing all of your things, and getting the timing just right means a headache filled few weeks. Hiring a company to take away some of your headache is a key step in reducing your workload. Renting a storage unit for your move is an extremely affordable way to reduce some of the work required while moving. While a storage unit may not pack your boxes for you it will provide you with cushion. So follow along as we go through the top 4 reasons to use a storage unit while moving:

1. Cushion time: Sometimes dates for moving in and out do not exactly line up. You may have to stay with a friend or at a hotel in-between your move date and move in date. As cumbersome as this is making with worse with all of your household items means increased worry and frustration. Storing your belongings for a week or too is perfectly acceptable and will give you room to breathe as they will be safe and secure.

2. Store unused items: Perhaps you have a strict moving timeline and too many items to meet that timeline. Using a storage unit to hold some of the items you won’t need for a while means less to take care of on moving day. Once you have your necessities moved then you can take your time to bring in these extra items. You can drag this process out as long as you would like give yourself ample time to settle in.

3. Downsizing: If you are having to downsize your apartment or house and do not want to part with sentimental things then using a storage unit is for you! Store the items you know you will not need at your new place but aren’t sure of what to do with. This will give you room to get all your needed items in place at your new home. This break also means you can research the right places to give belongings should you chose to donate them.

4. Move on your own: If you are moving to a completely new area and are lacking some friends to help you carry stuff then perhaps a storage unit is for you. This way you will be able to store most of your belongings and slowly move them into your new place. You can get the main pieces into your apartment and then slowly grab and unpack more boxes from your storage unit. This might make your move seem drawn out but in the long run it will create a healthier moving environment as you go at your own pace.

Rent a storage unit and save yourself a headache as you journey from one place to another.

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