Choosing the right Bronx neighborhood for students


Choosing the right Bronx neighborhood for students involves several important factors. Students seek areas that are not only close to their campuses but also safe and affordable. The Bronx, a borough rich in diversity and culture, offers various neighborhoods that meet these criteria. So, today we will explore neighborhoods such as University Heights, Belmont, Kingsbridge, and Riverdale, each offering unique benefits for students. Additionally, factors like housing options and transportation will play a crucial role in your decision-making process. If you need favorable storage solutions during your move or school term, NYC Mini Storage offers excellent solutions to keep your belongings secure. Join us as we guide you through selecting the best Bronx neighborhood to enhance your student life.

What is student life like in the Bronx?

The Bronx provides a special combination of academic opportunity and cultural richness for students living there. Students often choose the Bronx because of its easy access to several prestigious schools and universities located around the borough. If you are on a tight budget, this neighborhood makes sense because it provides a more affordable alternative to living in other parts of New York City. This energetic community enriches students’ experiences outside of the classroom with its convenient proximity to a multitude of parks, museums, and historical sites. The location is ideal for students with a range of budgets and tastes due to the diversity of cuisines offered, from classic New York pizza to international meals.

The aereal view of a Bronx neighborhood for students.
The Bronx is a very interesting place that offers students many opportunities for education and entertainment!

Also, the community vibe in the Bronx is welcoming and vibrant, allowing students to easily make connections and build networks that are vital for their academic and professional growth.  But, space is limited. So, if you need extra space for your belongings, storage units Bronx NY students recommend provide a secure and convenient solution, ensuring that living spaces remain uncluttered and manageable.

What to consider when choosing the right Bronx neighborhood for students?

When selecting a neighborhood in the Bronx for students, consider factors that impact daily life and academic success. Being close to educational facilities is essential for reducing commuting times. Another major worry is safety, particularly for first-time college students or those living alone. Affordability is also important because students frequently have tight finances. Finding the perfect location requires careful consideration of all these factors, as they all have a substantial impact on the overall quality of student life.

Proximity to educational institutions

Choosing a neighborhood close to colleges and universities in the Bronx can significantly ease daily commutes, saving time and reducing travel costs. This proximity is beneficial not just for attending classes but also for participating in campus activities and accessing library and study facilities late at night. Areas like University Heights are close to major institutions like Bronx Community College, which not only simplifies travel but also tends to stimulate a market for affordable student housing nearby. Living close to educational institutions often means that students can also enjoy enhanced security and improved local amenities.

people in BUS
Considering the crowds in New York, proximity is very important when choosing the right Bronx neighborhood for students!


Safety is paramount for students when choosing a neighborhood, particularly for those who are living on their own for the first time. The Bronx offers a varied landscape of neighborhoods, each with its own safety profile. Students must consider the crime rates and the presence of community policing. Public safety measures such as well-lit streets, security cameras, and regular patrols can make a significant difference. Engaging with residents and visiting the area at different times can provide insights into the general safety and atmosphere of the neighborhood.


When selecting a Bronx neighborhood, price is sometimes the deciding issue for a lot of pupils. There can be significant differences in the cost of living in various areas of the borough. Comparing housing and rental costs within student budgets is crucial, as is keeping additional costs like entertainment, transportation, and food in mind. A variety of inexpensive housing options are available in communities like Belmont and Kingsbridge without sacrificing access to essential amenities or standard of living. Achieving optimal student living requires striking a balance between cost, location, and lifestyle amenities.

What are the best Bronx neighborhoods for students?

With 1,443,229 residents and a diversified population, the Bronx provides a lively student life because of its accessible housing alternatives and excellent educational opportunities. Students can find affordable housing without compromising on quality or access to New York City’s amenities, with typical rental fees of about $1,401. The Bronx’s educational attainment reveals a community that values education on several levels. A master’s degree or above is held by 8% of people, a bachelor’s degree by 13%, an associate’s degree or some college attendance by 25%, and a high school diploma by 28% of people.

A student in a Bronx neighborhood for students.
When choosing the right Bronx neighborhood for students, carefully consider the previous key factors!

So, some of the best Bronx neighborhoods are:

  • University Heights
  • Belmont
  • Kingsbridge
  • Riverdale
  • Bedford Park
  • Fordham

University Heights

University Heights, located in the Bronx, is known for its proximity to New York University’s Bronx campus, making it an ideal spot for students. This neighborhood offers a variety of amenities, including affordable eateries, coffee shops, and libraries that cater to a student’s budget and lifestyle. Grocery stores and numerous parks add to the convenience, enhancing daily student life. The availability of budget-friendly housing further attracts students seeking accessibility and community within a short distance of their academic commitments. University Heights stands out as a vibrant hub for student activity, complete with essential services that support a thriving student population.


Belmont, affectionately referred to as “Little Italy,” is celebrated for its cultural vibrancy and exceptional culinary scene, drawing both students and tourists. The area boasts an array of Italian restaurants and cafes, creating a lively atmosphere. Affordable housing options are plentiful, making Belmont an attractive choice for students. Rent prices are $1,379 based on Niche data. The community’s close-knit feel contributes to a safe and welcoming environment. Notably, nearby educational institutions include Fordham University and Bronx Community College, which enhance the neighborhood’s appeal to students seeking a rich educational and cultural experience.

Have you thought about living with roommates?


This is a dynamic Bronx neighborhood known for its excellent shopping options and expansive green spaces, such as Van Cortlandt Park. It offers a well-connected transit system that facilitates easy access to Manhattan and other key parts of New York City, benefiting students who commute. This connectivity, combined with a range of affordable housing options, makes Kingsbridge an appealing choice for students. Niche data shows renting prices of $1,520. Educational institutions in the area include Manhattan College, adding to its desirability. Finally, if you need a proper storage solution to gain more space in your student apartment, storage units Kingsbridge NY locals often use provide convenient options.


According to statistics from, Riverdale offers an affluent living environment with a better standard of life, as seen by its cost of living index of 169, which is much higher than the national average of 100. This community offers a great quality of life and is renowned for its opulent amenities and tranquil surroundings. Many people think that the well-kept parks and quiet streets are worth the extra costs. Riverdale is an excellent option for those who value peace and quiet in addition to academic success because it is home to the esteemed Manhattan College.

Bedford Park

Bedford Park is ideally located near Lehman College and the New York Botanical Garden, enriching the educational and cultural experiences of its residents. This neighborhood offers a seamless blend of residential and educational facilities, making it a prime location for students. With an average apartment rent of $2,098 based on, Bedford Park stands as an affordable option considering its amenities and proximity to educational institutions. Students can benefit from storage Bedford Park NY residents usually opt for which provides additional space solutions in this well-rounded neighborhood.

the best Bronx neighborhood for students
This is perhaps one of the best places for students because it offers entertainment opportunities in addition to education!


Fordham buzzes with a youthful vibe, primarily due to the presence of Fordham University’s main campus. This neighborhood is a hotspot for shopping, with Fordham Road offering a variety of retail options. Dining choices abound, from fast food to local delicacies, catering to diverse tastes and budgets. Entertainment venues and student-friendly activities further enhance the appeal. Here is one ideal way to save money for students. Namely, storage units Fordham NY residents rely on are readily available, ensuring students can easily store their belongings close to campus.

How to make a smart decision and choose the right Bronx neighborhood for students?

Starting student life involves several significant decisions, and choosing where to live can be particularly daunting. Conducting thorough research is critical to making informed choices. Dive into online resources to gather detailed information about different Bronx neighborhoods and their suitability for students. Websites with real estate listings, local forums, and city guides can provide valuable insights into housing costs, safety, and community vibes. It’s equally important to get out in the field. Visiting potential neighborhoods offers a tangible sense of the area beyond what you can find online. Balancing this blend of online and on-site research will guide you toward a decision that aligns with both your academic needs and personal preferences.

Visit neighborhoods

When considering where to live, physically visiting different neighborhoods is invaluable. Walk around the areas you’re interested in to feel the atmosphere and observe the environment. Check out local amenities such as cafes, parks, and libraries to see if they meet your needs. Pay attention to the level of upkeep in the neighborhood and the availability of public transportation. Key places to visit in the Bronx include Arthur Avenue in Belmont for its vibrant market scene, the cultural heart of Fordham, and the peaceful green spaces in Riverdale.

Couple choosing the right Bronx neighborhood for students
Visit each of these neighborhoods and feel the energy, get to know the culture and way of life!

Seek for advice

Gathering firsthand experiences from current students and local residents can provide insights no amount of online research can match. Engage with students on social media platforms and university forums to hear about their living experiences. Ask specific questions about the areas you’re considering to gather diverse perspectives. Attending university events and local community gatherings can also offer opportunities to connect with peers who have valuable advice based on their own experiences living and studying in the Bronx.

If you need extra space, consider renting storage!

If you find yourself needing extra space during your student life, consider renting storage as a practical solution. Many students face the challenge of limited space, especially when sharing accommodations or living in smaller apartments. Luckily, the student storage NYC students turn to offers a variety of unit sizes that can accommodate everything from books and seasonal clothing to furniture and sporting equipment, making it an ideal choice for students who need to declutter and organize their living spaces efficiently. Also, this storage provides flexible rental terms, which are perfect for students looking for short or long-term storage solutions.

Enjoy your student life!

Choosing the right Bronx neighborhood for students is a serious decision you can make only after considering key factors like safety, affordability, and proximity to educational institutions. By conducting thorough research, visiting various neighborhoods, and seeking advice from current students, you can make a well-informed decision that enhances your academic and social life. The Bronx offers a diverse range of neighborhoods that cater to students’ needs, making it a prime location for those seeking a dynamic and enriching college experience. Remember, the right neighborhood can significantly impact your comfort and success during your student years.


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