Common Instances When Moving Storage is an Ideal Solution


Moving always comes with its challenges, and some of them require unique solutions. Even if you’ve moved around a lot, or you just know how the process unfolds, there can still be surprises along the road. Moving storage or portable storage is something that will make your relocation much easier. As one of the leading providers of secure storage NYC, we’d like to go over some of the instances when moving storage is an ideal solution. You can always do things the way you intended, but we’d just like to share some tips from our experience.

Moving boxes in storage
Your boxes are waiting for the perfect moving storage unit.

What is a moving storage unit?

A moving storage unit or a portable storage unit is exactly what it sounds like. With portable storage, you will get your stored items right in front of your door whenever you need them. The storage provider will deliver the storage unit to you whenever you as for it. It’s a concept where you don’t need to physically go and store your items and then also have to go back to access them. The storage company will take care of everything, be it furniture or business storage NYC. Basically, the company will do all of the heavy liftings. They will bring the moving storage unit to you, help you pack, and then take it to its final destination. Here, the unit will patiently wait until you need it back.

Moving timeline changes

Moving is unpredictable and relies heavily on external things like the weather. You can never predict if your move will need to be moved up or postponed. We’d like to point out that if this happens to you, it doesn’t mean you’ve chosen the wrong movers. Certain circumstances can’t be predicted, and we have to make do with what we have. Timeline changes are one of the instances when moving storage is an ideal solution.

Sometimes you will need to leave your home before your next one is ready for moving in. Moving storage will prove to be your best friend if you choose to use it. You can keep your items safe in portable storage while you sort out everything concerning your new home. There are many car storage NYC options to choose from, for example. These kinds of storage units are climate-controlled and offer amazing insurance and security. Many, if not all of them, will have a camera right in front of the storage unit. Obviously, there aren’t any portable storage options for items as large as cars, but a standard storage unit will do the trick.

A cluttered room
To avoid a completely cluttered home, consider renting a moving storage unit to help you out.


If your apartment or house is being renovated, portable storage just might be the ideal solution. Many storage providers require you to rent their storage unit for a set amount of time. Most often storage companies ask you to rent for at least 6 months. This could be too much for you and you are searching for short-term storage. Your renovations will likely last a month at most. This is where moving storage comes into play. Renting a few moving storage units will prove to be much cheaper and easier to manage. You can fit some items that are cluttering the home there for a while and have ready access at any time.

In some of the storage facilities Manhattan, you may be able to find short-term storage. A lot of storage providers don’t think short-term storage provides them enough revenue, so you will need to search for one that does. Even if you’re feeling lazy, you should still put in the effort and look at all of the options. You just might find something even better for your particular situation.

You simply don’t have enough space

Another of the many instances when moving storage is an ideal solution is when your home simply can’t fit all of your items. Most kinds of long-term storage will be able to satisfy your needs in this instance. But, we’d still like to suggest a moving storage unit due to its practicality. Many times you could be thinking “Oh, I need something from my storage unit”, but you don’t have the time to drive out to the location of the unit and look through it. With a portable storage unit, you can ask the storage company to bring over the unit you need and it will be delivered in the shortest time possible.

Clutter in the garage
Free up your garage for your car by renting a moving storage unit.

Pro tip: Make an inventory list

For each moving storage unit you rent, make a list of its contents. This is a bit of work, but it will be more than worth it in the long run. Just imagine you need to go on your winter vacation, you are renting 5 units, and you have no idea where your ski equipment is stored. Your company would have to bring over all of the units, and you will have to look through each of them. With a good inventory list, these issues will easily be avoided.

Your child is coming home from college

A lot of colleges and universities ask students to remove all of their belongings from their dorm room at the end of the year. And the biggest number of students go home for a few months for this summer vacation. Your home might not be able to fit all of your child’s furniture and belongings. But, with a moving storage unit, you will have more than enough room to fit everything you need. Apart from the clothes and books, a lot of the items your child uses at university aren’t needed at home.

We’ve covered some of the most common instances when moving storage is an ideal solution. Now it’s up to you to make the best choice for you and your family.


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