Common ways items get damaged in storage


If you are getting ready to store some of your items during move, you may be wondering what are the common ways items get damaged in storage. First of all – your items don’t have to go through any kind of damage, especially if you use full service storage NYC. Still, there are some ways your items can become disfigured, so let’s see what’s the best way to prevent this.

There are several ways items get damaged in storage

Of course, there are different ways items get damaged in storage. The best thing you can do is talk to your storage rental NYC and see the best options for your items. For example, some of your valuable items may require climate-controlled storage and you may not be aware of that. Besides this, let’s see what else you can do.

Woman with cardboard boxes - ways items get damaged in storage.
You may be wondering what are the common ways items get damaged in storage.

Don’t do things in a hurry

Doing things in a rush is usually a bad idea – especially when you move. Let’s say you damage your furniture in a hurry and you don’t even notice it. Then, when storage pick up service comes to pick up your item, you may not be aware of the damage. In this way, you may think your item is damaged in storage – and it hasn’t.

If you are planning to relocate, your entire relocation plan must be written down to the smallest details. So forget about improvisation. Before you even embark on this demanding and very stressful job, you need to plan your move. The relocation process is complicated and requires a lot of time for all segments of the relocation to proceed in the best order.

What if you have to store your items at the last minute?

It would be best to start with the preparations for moving several weeks, and even a few months in advance. Still, sometimes this is not possible. And sometimes you will not even be able to find reliable storage solutions. In this case, you can consider self storage NYC services. Then you have to pay close attention to all the details – from proper packaging of your movable property to insuring all the things you are storing. To make the organization and planning of the storage as simple and efficient as possible, it is best to note down any ideas that come to mind.

Hiring unreliable storage providers

Choosing an unreliable storage provider can make things very complicated… And eventually, lead to damaging your items in storage. But – how to choose the right ones? Gather as much information as possible about companies that provide storage services. Consult with acquaintances who have experience. Do not hesitate to contact as many storage companies as possible, ask them about all the important details about storing your items. Only then will you be able to choose the company that best suits your needs.

Taping a cardboard box.
Do not hesitate to contact as many storage companies as possible, ask them about all the important details about storing your items.

Not insuring your items

Be sure to insure the things you are storing. In this way, any possible damage caused to all your belongings will be compensated. Remember – it doesn’t have to be the company’s fault. It can be an earthquake. Keep in mind that accidental damage can occur due to an accident, regardless of the fact that all items are well packed and handled carefully. Of course, do your best to store your furniture in the right way.

Before signing the insurance contract. Pay special attention to the segments of the agreement written in smaller letters. In the event of unwanted damage to your movable property, signing this agreement will provide you with compensation.

Here are just some of the possible ways your items can get damaged in storage:

  • Damage can occur due to excessive moisture or flooding
  • Sometimes, items can get damaged as they go through weather changes. For example, heat or cold can damage your items, but also fire.
  • Pests can be a problem, but not with professional storage services.
  • Improper packaging or organization

DIY relocation

Do not listen to those who advise you to organize the entire relocation process yourself in order to reduce costs. Moving an apartment, house, company, shop or any other residential or business space is extremely demanding and exhausting work. It also requires many actions – providing means of transport (trucks, vans), procurement of packaging materials, proper packaging and protection of goods, insurance, disassembly and assembly of furniture, and many, many others.

The main problem with DIY relocation is not just damaging to your items – you can also get hurt trying to move bulky items. When all these costs are taken into account, self-relocation could end up costing you much more. It is much easier to entrust all these tasks to professionals from verified moving companies.

A woman writing a checklist
Do not listen to those who advise you to organize the entire relocation process yourself in order to reduce costs.

Improperly packed moving items

All your belongings must be properly packed. You have to protect them well with adequate protective materials. With this, all your items must be handled carefully, especially when it comes to fragile items. That is why it is best to entrust the packaging to professionals from a reputable company. If you still decide to pack it yourself, try to follow the existing packaging rules as much as possible.

Storing unnecessary and useless things

Try to avoid is the storage of unnecessary items. Before you start packing your moving items, make a detailed selection. You will surely find a lot of useless things, old clothes, broken and dilapidated household appliances, which can only increase the risk of bad storage. We hope you learned what are the most common ways items get damaged in storage.


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