Declutter and prepare your house for a hot summer


As the weather starts to heat up and the summer season approaches, many of us are looking for ways to make our homes more comfortable and relaxing. Beyond just tidying up, decluttering our living spaces can bring numerous benefits, particularly as temperatures rise and we seek respite from the heat. A clutter-free home not only creates a sense of calm and organization. It also contributes to a cooler and more comfortable environment. Using extra space storage NYC offers can greatly contribute to big summer home preparation. By minimizing unnecessary possessions and optimizing our living spaces, we can enhance airflow, reduce heat retention, and enjoy a cooler home during the hottest time of the year. So, discover how to declutter and prepare your house for a hot summer and create a more comfortable and enjoyable summer living environment.

Step-by-step guide to effective decluttering

With summer fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to declutter and prepare our homes for the sweltering heat. Beyond the satisfaction of tidier living space, decluttering offers a multitude of benefits. To do it properly, start by devising a detailed action plan . Bear in mind that this process should focus on removing excess items that can trap heat or impede airflow. Also, for properly storing removed items, you should enlist in your plan booking self storage first month free option. To begin creating a plan, examine each room first and identify items that you rarely use. Pay particular attention to belongings that may contribute to heat retention or obstruct airflow. Such items can be excessive furniture, bulky rugs, or heavy curtains. Create categories for your belongings, such as keep, donate, sell, or discard. Be honest with yourself and prioritize items that enhance your comfort.

a woman trying to declutter and prepare house for a hot summer
Follow your step-by-step decluttering guide


Remove excess items to declutter and prepare your house for a hot summer

Preparing your house for a hot summer involves removing excess items to create a cool and comfortable living space. Clutter can impede airflow and trap heat, making your home feel stifling during the warmest months. Decluttering and streamlining your belongings can help you improve air circulation and create a more open and breathable environment. NYC apartment storage is a perfect solution if you have some big pieces of furniture that you do not know what to do with at the moment. You can store the items that block some useful corners in your home until you decide what to do with them. In addition, focus on removing items that are no longer needed, damaged, or taking up unnecessary space. This includes clearing out closets, cabinets, and storage areas. Additionally, by removing excess clutter, you’ll have more room for summer essentials like fans, sun hats, and beach towels.

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Declutter and prepare sensitive items from your house for a hot summer

Declutter items sensitive to heat and prepare your house for a hot summer

On your summer home maintenance list, sensitive items should have a special place. Properly storing removed items, especially those sensitive to heat, is of utmost importance when decluttering and preparing for the hot summer months. Sensitive items such as photographs, artwork, electronics, or delicate fabrics require special care to prevent damage from temperature fluctuations. To ensure their preservation, consider the following tips for preparing and organizing storage areas:

  • Choose suitable containers: Select storage containers that provide insulation and protection against heat. Opt for acid-free boxes or plastic containers with secure lids to safeguard sensitive items from dust, moisture, and temperature changes.
  • Avoid heat-prone areas: When storing sensitive items at home, identify cool, dry areas away from direct sunlight or areas prone to temperature fluctuations. Avoid storing them in attics, basements, or near windows.
  • Use protective layers: Wrap delicate items in acid-free tissue paper or archival sleeves to protect them from scratches and moisture. For artwork, consider using acid-free mats and frames to preserve their quality.

Summer is a perfect moment to make important changes in your house

During the summer season, is important to ensure that you and your family stay cool and comfortable during the hot months. In addition, you should work on preparing an energy-efficient living environment. One of the first steps is to maintain your air conditioning units by changing filters and making sure they are running efficiently. You can use climate controlled storage Manhattan residents trust to store some family memorabilia and other important items sensitive to heat and moisture for longer periods. Also, clean or replace filters as recommended to improve airflow and maximize cooling efficiency. Consider having a professional inspect the system to identify any potential issues before the summer heat arrives. Evaluate your home’s insulation, especially in the attic and walls. Adequate insulation helps prevent heat transfer, keeping your home cooler and reducing the strain on your air conditioning system. Consider adding insulation or upgrading existing insulation to improve energy efficiency.

a woman opening heavy curtains
Use appropriate window treatments to protect your home from summer heat

Use window treatments and ventilate the house properly

When aiming to declutter and prepare your house for a hot summer, installing window treatments such as blinds, curtains, or shades can block out direct sunlight and reduce heat gain. Choose light-colored or reflective materials that help deflect heat away from your home. Promote proper ventilation by utilizing ceiling fans, floor fans, or whole-house fans. These help circulate air and create a cooling breeze, reducing the need for heavy reliance on air conditioning. You can find some affordable fans on Amazon. Open windows strategically during cooler times of the day to let in fresh air and facilitate cross ventilation. During the daytime, close curtains or blinds on windows that receive direct sunlight. Use outdoor shading solutions such as awnings, shades, or outdoor umbrellas to block sunlight from entering your home and heating up interior spaces. Finally, Take advantage of cool evenings and mornings by naturally ventilating your home.

Keep your family cool and your space organized during the hot summer

If you decided to declutter and prepare your house for a hot summer you should know that it is a proactive approach that brings numerous benefits. Proper storage of heat-sensitive belongings preserves their quality and prevents damage. Additionally, maintaining air conditioning units, and promoting proper ventilation all contribute to a cooler and more energy-efficient home. These strategies help you beat the summer heat, reduce reliance on air conditioning, and create a refreshing and enjoyable living space.


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