Dismantle a king-sized bed step by step and place it in the Bronx


You may have many large and bulky items in your household. But you can’t compare anything with this particular piece. When you have to dismantle a king-sized bed, that’s real work. Also, you have to plan. Whether you are moving it to storage or to a new home, you will have to measure it. You will have to make sure it fits in the moving truck. And that it fits the storage room NYC. Well, you can disassemble the bed and pack the pieces, so, it will take less space. However, make sure it will also fit into your new bedroom after reassembling.

A bed without bed covers in almost empty is the first step to dismantle a king-sized bed.
Start by removing all bed covers and pillows.

Before you decide to dismantle a king-sized bed, check its conditions

A careful inspection may show some damage to your bed. If they are not too big, you can still keep your bed. If the damages are significant, it is better to consider changing the bed. Also, if you intend to store your bed for some time, you have to inspect it for molds and pests. And, when dismantling the bed for storage, give it a throughout cleaning. However, make sure that all washed parts are well dried before you pack them. Wet spots just covered with wrapping can cause rotting. And that is also an excellent foundation for molds development. So, let us see how to prepare a king-size bed for transportation and storage.

What are the main parts of your bulky bed?

There are various types of king-size beds. Depending on the type, your bed will have most of those parts:

  • Boxspring
  • Mattress
  • Top mattress
  • Bedframe
  • Headboard
  • Footboard
  • Drawers
  • Legs

Still, the dismantling procedure is quite similar. And, regardless of the type, make sure to clean the bed well before packing it for storage. Also, don’t forget about the duvet cover, decorative pillowcases, and other bedding. Clean them properly before packing. And, in case you are using seal bags to reduce their volume, be careful. Vacuum sealing can wrinkle and deform your bedding and pillowcases too much. That way, they will take up less space in the storage. But, they can show useless once you try to reuse them.

The next step of how to dismantle a king-sized bed

Once you took care of your beddings, it is time to continue with dismantling. The second step is to remove the mattress and box spring. If you have opted for DIY disassembling the bed, it is fine. However, for this step, you will need at least some help. A family member or a friend can assist you. The reason is that mattresses and box springs are bulky, heavy, and difficult to handle. Also, you will notice handles on the mattress. Be aware that their sole purpose is to move the mattress to position it properly in the bedspring. They are not foreseen for mattress carrying.

Various multicolored screws and dowels.
When dismantling, all the screws, nuts, bolts, and washers, you should put them into a zip lock bag.

First, lift the mattress from the bed. In case you still have the original box, put the mattress in it. If not, you can use the protective mattress storage bag. Such cover will preserve the mattress from stains and damage during the move and storage. After that, do the same with the box spring. In case you are leaving for abroad, you will need long-term storage NYC. So, make sure your items are well-protected. And to be sure, you can always request professional help.

What exactly the bedspring is, and does every bed has it?

Are you wondering what a bedspring is? And that is its purpose? Shortly, the bedspring is the upholstered bed base. The upholstery can have various decorative elements. It can be covered by fabric or by artificial leather. Very often, this mattress is matching the bed base. This means that the mattress is upholstered in the same material as the bed base. The top mattress can be made of any material. The mattress and bedspring are giving bed the quality, stability, and durability. The top mattress is only giving softness to those who like it.

The bedspring is usually made of a wooden frame and coils. The wooden frame has a similar size and shape to the mattress. The main purpose of this bed piece is to provide a solid foundation for mattresses. However, some king-size beds use alternative mattress foundations, which are easier to handle. The storage king beds have drawers inbuilt. So, when you are disassembling it, make sure to remove drawers from the frame.

Dismantle the headboard and footboard from your king-size bed

Removing the mattress and bedspring first will make unscrewing the footboard and headboard easier. Also, when you detached them from the bed frame, it will be easy to pack them, before the arrival of the storage pick-up service. Also, during this stage, be aware of the screws, nuts, bolts, and washers. Soon you remove one, put it into a zip lock bag. That way, you will save all of them. It will be very nice if you still have the original manual. If not, before you start with unscrewing, take a photo, and save it. It can show very handy when you decide to assemble the bed.

Packing pieces of your dismantled king-size bed

In order to pack the king-size bed pieces, you have to purchase the right packing material. For various bed parts, you may need various packing supplies:

  • The boxes for the mattress and bedspring
  • Storage plastic bags in case you don’t have the original mattress box
  • Plastic wrapping
  • Blankets to wrap the bed frame
  • Furniture pads for moving
  • Moving blankets
  • Moving straps or ropes

You will also need some tools for dismantling the bed. And you don’t need anything extraordinary. The basic tool kit will be enough to do the job.

Inside the very clean storage with blue metal doors and teddy bear.
Choose the temperature-controlled storage.

When storing your king-sized bed, choose the right storage

Disassembling and right packing are important. However, choosing the right storage Bronx NY is important too. When looking for proper storage for your bed, pay attention that it has:

  • surveillance and intrusion alarm systems
  • security personnel present 24/7
  • Temperature-controlled storage units
  • Proper fire protection system
  • Providing regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Have proactive pest and molds control

You may be sure that your bed will be safe in such storage. Thus, you will have peace of mind, regardless of whether you use short or long-term storage services.

Following the right steps, moving your king-size bed will be easy

At the first sight, thinking about how to dismantle a king-sized bed, could look like a mission impossible. However, you can see that, by following instructions, you can do it. You can always ask for the help of professional movers. However, by following the instructions step-by-step, you can place your bed in Bronx storage safely. So, it is possible to move the mattress and bed by yourself. All you will need are a few friends, patience, and some right tools.


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