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There are many different types and uses of storage units. Both in everyday life or during a move. But for people that have never used them, they might not seem like much. We assure you you are missing out on a fantastic deal. There are many storage options that are offered. All are made with the purpose of making your life easier. Especially in NYC where life as it is, is already complicated enough. So make sure you secure self storage NYC on time! But don’t worry if you have never rented a unit we made this First time self storage guide to help you pick out the perfect one!

The benefits of storage units

NYC is one of the world’s largest cities. And along with its, size comes an enormous number of residents. The thing is that’s not the end either. The population is constantly on the rise due to the high number of people constantly moving there. And as such comes a huge demand for apartments and homes. Where there is a big demand the prices skyrocketed, and we end up with astronomical prices for even the tiniest apartments. And this is where the first time self storage guide comes in handy. And don’t worry storage units Manhattan are always there for you.

Skyline of NYC
NYC is one of the most populated cities on the planet. And as such, many people are living in small apartments where they can’t fit everything. In those cases, one of the best options for them is renting storage units.

There are different types of storage designed to help with the many needs you might have. But what all of them have in common is that they are safe and easy to access. Placing your items there is a way to make more room in your home. And you can do that without any worry about their safety and wellbeing. This is the best way also to store your valuables instead of having them at home. 

Types of storage

The best way to start this first time self storage guide is to tell you a little about storage types. There are many different types depending on your needs or wants. Although there are too many now to mention as there are many services and different types, some of the most used and known types of storage are:

Drive up storage

When you decide to rent storage in NYC first make sure you picked the right one for yourself. Drive up storages are like the name implies, storage units that you can easily drive your vehicle next to. They are the best for people who want to move their items fast. Especially if you want to place for example furniture in them. 

Although our device is to declutter any unnecessary furniture and items before you decide to store them. This way you will only have the things you need there. And there are many different kinds of donation centers for example The Furniture Bank and many more.

A man following our first time self storage guide and carrying his furniture into storage
Our first time self storage guide has a storage type for all of your needs. Just make sure that you find the perfect fit for yourself.

Climate controlled storage

This is one of the best storage options on our first time self storage guide for people that want to store sensitive items. There are some things for example books or even wood that need special attention. Those types of items are known to be influenced by their surroundings. Ad books can mold if they are exposed to wet environments.

This storage is one of the people’s favorites, as their things are safe from outside weather changes and accessible at all times.

Business Storage

Like the name applies this storage is made for Business owners. Although anyone can use them they are best put to use by people that work from home and need a safe and stable environment to store their products or business-related items. There are many commercial storage units NYC has to offer.

Storage turns out to be the best option for small businesses. Why? Because it’s cheaper than renting a warehouse but offers the same if not more benefits. And that’s why our first time self storage guide must include it on the list.

Student Storage

If you are a student reading our first time self storage guide then don’t worry, we have something for you as well. Storage units for students are made for you. Students, especially ones living in dorms have a limited amount of space for their items. And often they find themselves not having where to place certain items. That’s why student storages are there. To offer storage for available prices and help you store your belongings.

Studentsin a room talking
Students’ dorms are usually small and shared between two or more students. And as such, in most cases can’t fit all of their belongings. Because of that student storage has been made to accommodate their needs.

Military Storage

As the name implies, this is storage made for military personnel. People from the military are often moving and find themselves in a transition period between two homes. So, while this happens the best way is to place their items in storage until they find a new home. 

24 Hour Storage

People sometimes need access to their belongings at different times. And as such a must on our first time self storage guide is the 24-hour storage. This storage offers 24h access. That means that you can at any time come and pick up whatever you need. But when picking this storage, make sure that it is close by in order to get to your things faster if you are in need of them.

Vehicle Storage

Like the name implies, this is a place where you store your vehicle. In a city as big as New York sometimes having a car isn’t as good as you think. With many tourists and millions of residents, a traffic jam is an everyday occurrence. So sometimes placing your vehicle in storage and opting for public transport to get through the city is a better and faster option.


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