Foolproof checklist for moving into a new NYC apartment


Moving is often considered a new start, a fresh clean slate. And, most of us tend to be pretty excited when it’s finally time to move somewhere better. But, the preparation for the move can be a real buzzkill. With all of the planning, organizing, and million little changes you need to make, it can become quite the headache. Making a checklist and following it step by step can decrease your stress. A checklist that follows a good timeline can be a life saver in these situations. As a storage facility NYC, we know how intense the moving process can be. And packing up your home is the toughest job of them all! But, let’s make moving into a new NYC apartment as easy as possible for you.

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Decide on the date of the move and hire professional movers immediately

We would urge you to time your moving date so that it isn’t too close to the date when you start planning. An ideal solution would be to schedule your move for 8 weeks later. The move-out date and move-in date usually match and are on the same day. But, if your chosen movers can’t move your items on the same day, you need to make some plans. It’s a good idea to ask a friend if you can stay at their place. But, what about your stuff? Storage Long Island City is always available and you can rent a storage unit to hold onto your items. The good thing here is that short-term storage is available in almost every storage facility.

When it comes to picking your movers, just be careful. Do some extra research and ask for recommendations from friends and family. First-hand experiences are likely to be the most truthful ones. If you don’t have any friends who’ve been moving, check out the reviews on the moving company website. You can also check if they’re licensed and registered on the FMCSA website.


Before you even begin the packing process, you need to declutter. Ideally, you can create a segment in the moving checklist that covers your packing plans. Our warmest recommendation is to start packing room by room. You can start with rooms that aren’t used as often. For example, a guest bedroom, guest bathroom, or a storage room. Now, the point of decluttering is to make your relocation easier. If you have fewer items to move, moving into a new NYC apartment will go faster. Create boxes for the following:

  • Keep
  • Donation
  • Sell
  • Thow away
Clutter in an office
To prevent your new home from being a cluttered mess, take the time to declutter before the move!

It’s import to at least have these 4 different categories while decluttering. Now as you go around packing up your items, you can make decisions on whether you need these things or not. Even though donating everything you don’t need is the best option. It’s always soul enriching giving to those in need. For expensive electronics and the like, it’s better to sell them and invest the money into your move. And if you’re moving your office alongside your home, don’t worry! For all of that paperwork you don’t need collecting dust, but need to keep, you can rent commercial storage units NYC. These units are safe and climate-controlled, so all of your files will stay in pristine condition.

Think of utilities

When you move your home, you will need to make some changes concerning your utilities as well. First off, you need to remember to cancel all of the utilities at your old address. The last thing you need once you relocate to your new home, is to get bills from your old location. Be sure to cancel the utilities ahead of time! You can call your providers and explain until what date you need the utilities. After that, they will be turned off.

Next, consider moving the utilities with you, for example your Internet plan. You can surely ask the company to come and get it and then set it up at your new home, instead of searching for a new plan. For the other utilities that can’t be transferred, just make sure they are ready for your arrival. Imagine moving during the heat and you enter your home with no electricity for the AC and no water for a relaxing shower.

Start packing as soon as possible

The packing is really what makes a move a long process. It is very hard to pack up your entire life and everything you own. Try starting as soon as you can! Another good tip is to add a timeline to your checklist for moving into a new NYC apartment. Whenever you feel like you have nothing to do is the perfect time to continue with your packing. If you were to follow this principle, trust us, you’ll get done with packing in record time. Also, you can try engaging your friends and family in the action if they have the time! Packing is an amazing bonding experience while also doing something productive. Motorcycle storage NYC will be no trouble for moving your beloved bike.

A man and a woman packing
Spend some extra time with loved ones as they help you pack up your home.

Take care of your mental and physical health

Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. And even though everything concerning the move needs preparation and needs to be done at a certain point, your health still comes above all else. You need to make sure that you create enough time to eat, sleep, and rest. And not only that, but also create time in your schedule for fun activities you enjoy, and also for just lazing around. Remember, if you’re not feeling 100% then whatever you do will take more effort and give worse results.

Moving into a new NYC apartment has never been so easy. Just sit down, create the perfect checklist and get started!


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