Guide to packing china, heirlooms, and glassware


When you decide to move and start packing, packing china, heirlooms, and glassware can prove to be a hard task. These items are extremely fragile and valuable. You will need to pay them special attention while packing. Often, packing delicate items causes headaches. Is it completely safe? Did I put enough bubble wrap? Similar questions could be floating in your mind as well. As one of the leading storage room NYC providers, we know all the tips and tricks when it comes to packing. As a storage company, you know you can trust our expertise when it comes to safely packaging items. So, let’s get into it!

Fine china plates

Packing paper

First on the list of items you will need is packing paper. Packing paper will provide the first level of cushioning and protection. Be sure to clean up all of your china, heirlooms, and glassware before you begin packing. Not only will you have clean, pristine dishes as soon as you arrive at your new home, but cleaning them allows for better protection overall. Also, if you wish to keep your delicate items safe in storage, a storage pick-up service can help you out! They know how to pack your valuables safely and will surely keep them safe in a climate-controlled storage unit.

You will need a clean firm surface for your packing. This can be any table in your home. Place a big sheet of packing paper on the surface and your plate on top. Next, you need to wrap up the entire plate! Make sure the packing paper sheet is big enough to encapsulate the entire item. Place the item in the middle and slowly secure the packing paper with tape. Either packing tape or duct tape are good choices!

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is basically air trapped in little plastic bubbles. So, you know this material can provide really good cushioning. A lot of people decide that packing paper is enough protection and it can be. But, since you’re packing china, heirlooms, and glassware, you might enjoy going a step further.

Applying bubble wrap to your items is exactly the same as applying packing paper. Make sure to get a large enough sheet of bubble wrap and place your item in the middle. Then, slowly secure everything with tape. It will only take a few minutes extra, but it might just make all the difference. Especially if you’re moving long-distance, keep this in mind!

Bubble wrapped fine china
Bubble wrap provides the best cushioning for your fragile items!


Now that your items are safe and secure, it’s time to pack them up in boxes. When packing such delicate items, we recommend finding specific boxes. For example, if you have a collection of plates all in the same size, a wise choice would be to find a box of that size. It doesn’t matter if you end up with a lot of smaller boxes. The important thing is to secure your items in these boxes. And if they fit perfectly, they will have no room to slide around and potentially get damaged. 

If you’re planning to place your china, heirlooms, and glassware in long-term storage NYC, be sure to follow our steps closely. More than anywhere else, your items need to be protected in your storage unit. Even though nowadays storage units are incredibly clean and even climate-controlled, there can still be a risk. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Fill up the empty space in your boxes

Okay so, now it’s time to place your items in the boxes. Before you start loading up your fine china, remember to place some extra protection on the bottom of the box. This can be packing peanuts, bubble wrap again, or even a towel. Next, you should slowly place your items inside. Fit as much as possible! These items need to be snug inside the box, after all.

When everything is loaded up, there is bound to be some extra space left over. You can fill up this space by adding more packing peanuts, packing paper, bubble wrap, or whatever else you think will protect your items best. If you decided to place a towel on the bottom of the box, you might be able to wrap everything up in the towel before taping the box.

Label the boxes

Before shipping off your boxes to storage Bronx NY, be sure to label them. Label them on a few sides, three is the ideal number. Next, you might want to write down on the box exactly what it contains. What if you have a few china sets? Later when you’re looking for your items, you want to know exactly where what is.

Also, don’t forget to label all of the boxes with the word FRAGILE. Be sure to also emphasize the value of the items inside the boxes. Professional movers will know to treat these boxes delicately, but if you add emphasis they might be even more careful. For emotionally valuable items such as your grandma’s old china, it’s always better to ask for even more protection.

Fragile label on a box
The label FRAGILE will let everyone handling the boxes know that they need extra care.

Packing china, heirlooms, and glassware can seem too hard

If you’re experiencing intense anxiety around packing your fragile items, you might consider hiring professionals. Many moving and storage companies offer various packing services. These services will take a load off your shoulders. Professionals will know exactly how to pack up everything, load it in their truck, unload, and even unpack if that is your wish. They have extensive insurance policies for valuables! So, you can sit back, relax, and let the professionals take care of it.

We hope we’ve made packing china, heirlooms, and glassware at least a bit easier for you! Good luck.


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