Guide to packing kitchen appliances for storage


Need help with packing kitchen appliances for storage? Do not worry! We are here to assist you. In this article, we are going to show you a few easy tips and tricks to do in order to properly pack your kitchen appliances for storage. In addition to this, considering the difficulties that can occur during the storage process, we are going to talk a little bit about the importance of having professional storage experts to help you out with on-demand storage NYC.

Packing kitchen appliances for storage – Where to start?

You might wonder how to approach the process of storing your kitchen appliances properly. Well, for starters, it is best to first get a good idea of what you are dealing with. This means that you should check the appliances you have for storage and know exactly how many there are and what type they are. Therefore, begin by creating a simple, but effective inventory checklist for your storage process. Write down all of the kitchen appliances you plan on storing. The checklist does not have to be overly complicated.

Creating a checklist before packing kitchen appliances for storage.
Create a simple inventory checklist before packing kitchen appliances for storage to know what you are dealing with exactly.

Thoroughly clean all of your kitchen appliances

Moving on, after you have a checklist, you can begin the next step. While you might be anxious to get it over with by simply finding reliable storage facilities Long Island City, you still need to make sure your items are ready for storage.  Over the years of their usage, kitchen appliances usually accumulate some dirt, food crumbs, and so on. Therefore, before storage, it is important that you clean all of your kitchen appliances thoroughly. Furthermore, make sure you dry each of your small appliances before packing them for storage. While you are in the process of cleaning them, be sure to remove any loose parts from your kitchen appliances as well. However, keep a close eye on the smaller parts that you have removed. You do not want to lose them so keep them close to the appliance they came from.

Gather the necessary packing tools and materials

Now that you have cleaned and disassembled some of the components from your kitchen appliances, it is time to prepare for the packing process. However, a simple cardboard box, obviously, won’t do the trick here. Therefore, it is necessary to get the right tools and materials for your kitchen appliances. These tools and materials will keep them safe and protected but will also make your packing process easier. What are some of the essential tools and materials to get? Make sure you have the following:

  • Quality cardboard boxes. Pack small appliances in boxes away from the larger ones. In case you happened to have the original boxes of your kitchen appliances, make sure you use them. Learn how to construct moving boxes properly before packing your items to avoid damaging them accidentally.
  • Scissors and packing tape. The tape needs to be strong enough to keep all of the boxes closed.
  • Packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing foam. These protective materials add an additional layer of protection to your appliances so obtain these as well.
  • Labeling materials. Markers, labels, etc. should be used to label each box for its content.
Packed cardboard boxes.
Pack your items with the right tools and materials.

Wrap appliances before packing

Once you start your packing process, take your time. Do not rush it. This can only lead to you accidentally damaging your kitchen appliances. Start by wrapping the loose cords from the appliances. Secure these with a twist tie or packing tape. Furthermore, use packing tape to seal the doors and other openings in your kitchen appliances that can move and open during transportation. Overall, what you are doing at this stage is wrapping all of your appliances and securing them, before transportation. Use your packing paper as well for this process. Each appliance should be covered and protected from each side while the doors closed and sealed shut with packing tape or twist ties for example. If you are a student moving or preparing these items for storage, make sure you do your research and find affordable student storage NYC.

Provide additional protection and box them up

After you have wrapped each appliance, it is time for boxes. However, take a good look and see if some of your appliances are moving inside boxes. If they are, provide additional protection for your kitchen appliances by using bubble-wrap or packing foam for example. Create extra cushioning with these protective materials and your appliances should be safe and protected. If you are packing other items for storage as well, make sure you pack these separately. In case you are preparing your vehicle for storage, be sure to contact experts to help you find the right vehicle storage NYC.

Label all of your boxes before storage

Once the boxes are closed and shut with the packing tape, it is time to label them. By labeling your boxes, you will have an easier understanding of where each item has been packed. Labeling also helps you with the unpacking process later on when you decide to remove the items from storage.

Labeling boxes for storage.
Label each box accurately for its contents before storage.

Store away your kitchen appliances with the help of reliable storage experts

When packing kitchen appliances for storage, you also need to make sure you do your research and have the right storage for your items. However, sometimes it is not easy to get the one that fits the needs of your inventory. That is where experts come into play. By enlisting the help of reliable storage experts, you can be sure to get the exact storage facility you need for your kitchen appliances. Experts can also help you find short term furniture storage NYC for your kitchen appliances at excellent prices. Overall, you can pack your appliances successfully by preparing for the storage process on time and by using the right tools and materials.


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