Guide to storing vehicles long-term in NYC


Your garage became overcrowded and you do not find it attractive to park your vehicle in front of your home. So, you have decided to rent a storage unit. Your vehicle that was sitting inside a garage for a long time must relocate to a brand new place. storing vehicles long-term is an amazing solution for this occasion but you must prepare for it first. You must cover a few mandatory requirements and find appropriate vehicle storage NYC. Hence, let us help you with a small guide on the subject and make this happen. Let’s go!

The first step is to find a storage unit provider

To find a good on demand storage NYC unit, you must browse the internet. Search for the local warehouses and browse your options thoroughly. You have two main categories you should consider. The storage unit providers and moving companies. Both work in the same ways with the addition that moving companies cover both. They are usually linked together in a huge business network so you won’t have to worry about it. Choose one or the other as long as the unit you are renting is up to your standards.

browse online to find a company that will help you with storing vehicles long-term
Dig through the internet and find the most suitable storage unit provider.

So, go online, compare prices, services, and read reviews. Find yourself the unit provider you like and check if they are legit and licensed. You should read a few social media comments as well. People post awesome stuff there regarding previous experience. Once you are sure you have found your provider, give them a call, and communicate the details further. Storing vehicles long-term is a service used often and terms of use are simple so you won’t have to spend more than 5 minutes on this phone call.

What kind of unit you should rent?

For storing vehicles long-term you’ll have several options when it comes to the storage unit size. But much more when it comes to the perks of a unit. So, firstly you must know there are small, medium, and large storage units. The small one does not concern you at all because it is for boxes and furniture only. It can be used as motorcycle storage NYC though. Medium one can fit a vehicle and that is about it. A larger one can accommodate the entire home and you would agree that this one is worth looking at. Along with the size, you will get the following perks if you choose so:

  • Climate-controlled storage.
  • 24/7 surveillance and access.
  • Guard on-site.
  • Maintenance crew.
  • Indoor and outdoor options.

It is up to you to combine the services you want. You can choose it all or almost none. Some come with the provider and they are included in the basic coverage free of charge. For example, most of the unit providers already have a maintenance crew cleaning outside of the unit. But the hygiene inside the unit falls onto you. So, check the options you have and choose the best unit for your needs.

Visit the mechanic before storing vehicles long-term

The next step is extremely important. Before you store your vehicle, you must take it to the mechanic for a complete checkup. Make sure they inspect all your tires along with the spare one. Then, they should check and change the oil if necessary. And the same goes with the gas. To inspect your vehicle inside out and clean it thoroughly. Waxing your vehicle is an option but if your car could speak, they would surely agree to it. And if possible, match it with a yearly mandatory checkup so you can save a bit of money on this process. After you are done with it, your vehicle will be in awesome condition to be stored.

mechanic checking the vehicle
Take your vehicle for the complete check-up. Your mechanic will prepare it for storage.

How will you transport your car to the unit?

Now, after you have visited your mechanic, the question is – how will you transport your vehicle to the car storage NYC? Yes, you can drive it there which is the easiest and most convenient way. Or you can rent one of the car moving companies to haul it there safely. Why is this important you might ask? Because your vehicle might get damaged along the way from the mechanic to your home and later to the unit. You might not notice it at first, and you will store your vehicle in this condition.

After a while when you come back, you can find your engine, your muffler, or tires, or some other part of your vehicle completely ruined because you never realized what happened. And because you are clueless about how this occurred, it will be extremely hard to claim insurance. So, the option is either to be extremely careful and drive safely straight from the mechanic to the unit. Or to load your car into the truck and transport it to the unit. Your call entirely. It all depends on how much your car will stay inside the unit and on the value of your vehicle.

Do you need insurance?

Obviously, you already have car insurance. But you should check with your insurance provider what kind of coverage you need if your car is sitting in one place for a long period. Maybe you are covered already or you need to add something to your package. As we explained earlier, this is simply a precautionary measure to be sure you are protected against unforeseen circumstances and unpleasant situations.

two people signing documents
Make sure you have your car insurance renewed and up to date. Anything can happen and you want to have your coverage active at all times.

Calculate budget and prepare your rent for storing vehicles long-term

Lastly, you should prepare the budget for the whole story. You probably already did but you will need a bit for the down payment and for the adjustment. Maybe you want to add a few shelves and support items. You want to have a bit of room where you can store your basic tools and all car-related items. So, depending on your lease set aside 3,6, or 12 monthly payments. Let it sit on your bank account just to make sure you are covered. Pay a portion in advance depending on how much your provider asks for and keep the rest with you. Make sure you can cover the contract until it expires.

And that is it. As you can see, storing vehicles long-term is easier than you thought. Just follow our guide and make sure you take your vehicle to your mechanic before you store it. Good luck and stay safe.


“ They were AWESOME! We used them for a move from 1 Location to 2 different ones. Couldn’t be Happier the dealt with freezing weather icy driveway and never complained once. Highly recommend. Thank You! ”

John Harkin

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