His and hers self storage – a key to a balanced marriage


Getting married and moving into your new dream home is one of the most exciting times of your life. Decorating your new house, buying new furniture, and moving in your things can be challenging. We all have limited space in our homes, garage, and even basement. And we all want to get more stuff even though we don’t need them. As the years go on, we find ourselves trapped with so many things and so little space. To avoid spouse disagreements, we have a solution for you – his and hers self storage. You said yes to your partner, now you get to say yes to your belongings. If you are living anywhere close to New York City, you should consider renting extra space storage NYC.  You will have access to all your belongings and you will both be happy and satisfied. Stick around and learn more about this great marriage trick.

Create more space in your home

A lot of people feel dissatisfaction and unhappiness because of their homes. You may find yourself in your living room cluttered with items that you simply don’t know where to put. All your drawers are filled, closets can barely close because of those winter jackets you simply don’t want to get rid of. You should not throw away things just because you don’t have room for them. We all have those items that we feel emotionally attached to. Every person deserves their own space and you don’t have to share everything with your partner. You can simply contact one of the storage companies that pick up your belongings and you will have all the space you need. Living in a spacious house can make you will relaxed and calm. You will now have room for everything and you can always visit the storage unit and take what you need at the time.

A cluttered room in an apartment
Before getting rid of all your belongings because you don’t have room for them, consider renting a storage unit.

You don’t have to compromise

One of the best things about having his and hers self storage is that you don’t need to compromise. A lot of people simply give up and compromise because they want to avoid fights with their partners. You don’t have to do that at all, and you can keep whatever you want. You can decide what you want to throw away, donate, or keep in storage units Bronx NY has available. Even if you are not sure if you will ever use those items, you can decide later on. We recommend that you make an inventory list first to keep an eye on your belongings. This way you can see if you have double items or decide to declutter your storage unit one day. You can do this with your partner together and leave only things you actually need in your house.

You can store anything you want

After making an inventory list, you will have a rough idea of the number of things you will store. You can contact professionals and they will help you out in choosing the right size of the storage unit as well as type. For example, if your partner is not using that old motorcycle he inherited from his Dad, you can easily store it as well. Motorcycle storage NYC units are everywhere and you will create much more space in your garage once it’s gone. Additionally, if you have some valuable items that are important to you, make sure to pack them properly. Help each other even though you will have separate storage units. If you are on the budget, you can combine items and have two but different size storage units.

his and hers self storage units for partners
Having his and hers self storage units will help you create your own personal space.

Think about location and budget

If you made your decision and decided to rent storage units, then consider location first. Talk to your partner and decide if you are going to visit the storage facility that often. Are you going to store items that you will need once a year, or do you need to visit them on a regular basis? Be aware that sometimes location dictates the price. NYC has numerous self storage options and you will need to agree on one that is affordable and accessible. If you are not sure about all this, don’t worry. You may want to simply try out and rent self storage first month free. This way, you will know if this option works for you and if you made the right decision. It will give you time to plan your next step if you want to change facilities.

Don’t throw away, save for later

Another advantage of having a self storage unit is that you don’t need to throw away anything. If you just started living together, you may think that you don’t need so many beddings, plates, and old toys. But you never know if you will need them in the future. If you are living in a small apartment now, maybe you will move to a larger and more spacious house soon. We don’t want you to regret it later, that is why we recommend you to rent a unit and save all those items for later. These storage units are safe and secure, and you can keep all your items as long as you wish. Maybe one day you will decide to bring them all back to your home.

A happy couple hugging
Talking to your partner and making mutual decisions is key to a balanced marriage.

Communication is key to a happy marriage

If you and your partner recently got married, you are on your way to combining households. Make sure to talk to your loved one and be honest about everything. Everyone deserved their space and you have to be open about it to your significant other. Let them know that you don’t want to get rid of all your belongings and that you need additional space. You deserve to be happy and to feel comfortable in your new home. Self storage units can ease this process and help you out along the way. His and hers self storage is a great opportunity for you to avoid disagreements. it also gives you room to think about your next mutual step as a couple.


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