How self-storage helps your home rental endeavors


So, you’re searching for the perfect rental that fits all of your needs, or do you wish to offer your home as a rental to tenants? But maybe there isn’t enough time to properly prepare, or work and family life are in the way. It’s possible to make your life a lot easier with self-storage. Self-storage helps your home rental endeavors by providing a good space to keep all additional furniture and items while you decide on where to move. And not only this, but self-storage offers many benefits that we will discuss. We at NYC Mini Storage wish to show you that searching for a rental doesn’t have to stress you out completely! There are many ways to go about it that spare your nerves and make the whole process quicker.

Storage units

Renting out your home

Renting out property is an easy and secure way of amassing wealth and money. When you own a rental, you receive passive income each month without actually doing much. There will also be tiny investments here and there, like fixing some issues or installing lights for example, but this is all well worth it when your passive income overweighs the costs. You might need to renovate, get some more modern furniture, or do something at the demand of a new tenant. But, once you find the perfect tenant who will stay, you can sit back and relax!

You should start your landlord journey by finding out everything there is to know about renting. Ask around what are some of the popular designs of homes people enjoy. And remember to keep in mind that you’re trying to attract a certain kind of tenant, not one that will scam you as soon as they find an opportunity. Additionally, you can always decide to place your rental on Airbnb. This way you could even charge a bit more since it’s charged per day and get a lot of traffic in your rental. There are many storage companies that pick up to choose from! This is amazing because as you are preparing the apartment for the tenant, or guests, your storage company will be right there to help out. Money will be flowing to your account in no time!

An apartment with a balcony looking over the sea
Try to renovate your apartment so it seems more inviting and modern to tenants!

Potential issues with tenants

If you’re new to the rental scene, you might not know the different types of tenants out there. Even though there is a huge number of tenants that are a joy to have in your rental, the opposite is true as well. But don’t be scared, all of these things can be taken care of. Self-storage helps your home rental, but you need to help it as well and keep your eyes peeled for the following:

  • Your belongings – Your tenants might damage your belongings. Now, this could be due to an accident, or it could be just due to not paying enough attention to the safety of the apartment. This is why we suggest placing all the valuables or items that are breakable in long-term storage NYC. There, they will be kept safe and you can take them out whenever you please.
  • Your items disappearing – This is the worst possible outcome and it isn’t very frequent. But, it can still happen! Always check after your guests leave your apartment, and be prepared to call them out. If they are too stubborn, you can even include the police in this situation and everything will sort itself out.
  • Your home – Some crazy tenants can even leave dents on your walls or floors. Be sure to check your home regularly.

How does self-storage help your rental?

You can always rent self-storage, first month free and it will make a difference. The biggest plus is that you won’t need to stress over the home you’re renting. All of the items you would miss, or are expensive and fragile, can be placed in self-storage. This will allow you to calm down and not think about everything in your rental. All of the important items are kept safe, while the rest will hold their ground against the tenants. Also, if your tenants wish to move in some of their furniture, self-storage will help you store all of the furniture not needed at the moment. Instead of selling everything in your rental, keep it in storage, and maybe your next tenant would enjoy already having everything furnished.

Storage units lined up
Self-storage will keep all of your items safe while also being available 24/7.

If you’re renting your home, where are you going to live?

You should opt for moving into a new apartment, either renting or buying. Our honest recommendation is that if you’re renting out a home you own, you should buy a second home. Not everyone can do this, though, so renting is also on the table. But so you can avoid collecting rent and having to spend it on your own rent – buy a home!

A big issue you could face when renting an apartment is that the landlord doesn’t accept you moving in all of your furniture. Usually landlords like their apartments to look the same before and after a rental. You should consider placing your furniture in storage units Bronx NY and calling it a day. There is no use in arguing or fighting! On the flip side, if your new landlord allows your furniture to move in with you, there still might not be enough room. This is why we say that self-storage helps your home rental. Your furniture will be waiting for you, safe and sound, in a pristine storage unit. And when can you access it? Whenever you like!

If you’re moving more things, the relocation will be more expensive. Look over some tips on how to save money during a moving process and enjoy how self-storage helps your home rental!


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