How storage can benefit home stagers in NYC


Renting storage is a great option if you are staging your home. If you step into this action and you are willing to stage your home for selling, decluttering will be the first step you need to take. The biggest issue you might have is where to place all the personal items you have that might distract the potential buyer. And this is just one of the reasons storage can benefit home stagers in NYC. Therefore, there is no more reason to hesitate, start calling and renting some of the best storage companies NYC  and get your space for all the items you have nowhere to put.

Should you use storage when staging home?

The answer is definitely yes. You should know and do your research about what most people in NYC are looking for in an apartment or home. Therefore, you will have a more clear picture of how to prepare your home for staging. Knowing the needs and desires of the potential buyers will give you a chance to make your home look like something they have been always searching for. One of the things you must do is to remove all the personal items from rooms. This is the only way to make buyers focus on the space and the floor plan instead on your picture of some road trip memories and items. For these small personal items, you can choose and rent small storage units NYC and place your stuff there. 

cleaning your home and placing the items in storage is one of the ways storage can benefit home stagers in NYC
Clean your home before staging it

How storage can benefit home stagers in NYC?

For instance, try to remove all the bulky furniture that is around your home and make sure you have a clean and open space that buyers can focus on. Depending on the size of furniture you have to remove from the home, you can search for storage space Manhattan has and check how big storage units you will need. No matter how much you love some piece of furniture, once you remove it from the home, the buyers will have a better look at the size and the shape of the living room, bedroom, etc. You can always put back the furniture you love after the home staging is over. 

The other great thing about removing your furniture from the staging home is if you are in between the relocations. You will store your furniture and not deal with packing and loading the truck while relocating. Your furniture will be in NYC apartment storage and you can get it once you are relocated.

You will need to remove all personal items from the bathroom

This is one of the cases where the benefits of renting storage are pretty obvious. You will need some space to remove all of your personal stuff from the bathroom. No one needs to see what kind of shampoos you are using or which cleaning products you like. Therefore, renting storage to place all of these items is maybe the smartest decision you can make. 

photos on the desk
Removing personal items is the way storage can benefit home stagers in NYC

Clean the basement, attic, and garage

Many potential buyers will like to see the garage space, the attic, and the basement if your home has one. Therefore, it all needs to look perfect.

And a lot of people use the basement and other rooms to put some items they have no idea what to do with. Of course, there are some people who already have a basement and the attic all arranged, but these people are the exception. So if you are the type of person that uses the basement and the attic for everything that you have no idea where to put and you are too emotionally attached to get rid of them, you should rent storage when staging your home.

How storage can benefit home stagers in NYC? You can deal with home decluttering after the relocation

If you are staging your home and you are in the middle of relocation to another place, using storage will be a huge help. You do not have to waste your time on decluttering your items. Just pack them in boxes and then label the boxes by indicating their destination room. You can start decluttering and unpacking these items the moment you enter your new home. And the greatest benefit of storage when you are relocating is that your home staging will be prepared even before moving.

What should you pay attention to when renting storage in NYC?

No matter what the reason for you renting a storage unit, there are some things you must pay attention to. For example, there is no reason to rent storage that is not close to you. Luckily for you, the city of New York has many storage facilities that will benefit you.

Search for the storage that has climate-controlled systems. No matter how long your stuff will be there, you should know that it will not be ruined by mold or humidity.

The storage units that have a security system 24/7 are also something you must look for. Knowing your items will be safe is very important. And last but not least, the storage facilities should have alarms, such as theft, smoke, and fire alarms. This is one more security level that you should search for when renting storage in NYC.

dining room
A bright and clean room attracts more people

So if you are asking yourself what should all people who are staging their homes for sale do with their items, here are the answers for you. The storage can benefit home stagers in NYC in numerous ways, but number one of them is that you do not have to get rid of anything in your home. You can place them in storage and not worry about them. And once the home is sold, this storage will be a great place to keep your stuff when transitioning between two houses.


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