How the pros pack jewelry for moving


When relocation takes place, packing is usually the most exhausting part of it. It takes a lot of time, you have to pack the entire household and you will probably have some valuables to pack as well. If you wonder how the pros pack jewelry for moving don’t stress out too much, as this is pretty simple after all. You will just have to follow some tips and make sure you use the right packing materials. As this is something that you should not lose or forget, it is best to pack it on time. Let’s see how to do it! 

How the pros pack jewelry for moving

We all know that there are thousands of jewelry types. They come in different sizes, and shapes and their price is certainly different. When it comes to packing them, you will have to be very careful, especially with the super expensive ones. There will be a time when you will have to look for a storage room NYC if you have a lot of it. Anyways, the best way to start this is by organizing and categorizing your jewelry. This will make packing much easier and you won’t be mixing different pieces.

earrings organized in a box
Put every piece in a jewelry box so you avoid damaging the pieces during the transportation!

But before you get to that part, consider leaving them in a safe place until you move. You won’t be stressing out in vain and your precious items will be safe in the storage unit. Relocations are events where smart decisions are worth pure gold!

Choose the right packing material

Jewelry pieces are usually not too big but rather small and easy to place in the box. Unfortunately, at the same time, they are also very fragile and may consist of smaller parts. If you accidentally lose certain parts you may not be able to use them anymore and that is something to avoid. Your first option is to go with small storage NYC as these are perfect for keeping valuable items. Employees will explain how their storage units work and you can leave your boxes for as long as you want. Another option is to simply pack them yourself.

For this, you are going to need a lot of patience and good packing material. Packing material for jewelry includes: 

  • Small and secured zip bags: You can place the same type of jewelry here and close the bags. After that place them in a box and cover with bubble wrap or a piece of sponge.
  • Warping paper or bubble wrap: This will be helpful to wrap the pieces or cover them up after packing everything.
  • Proper packing boxes: Original packaging is probably the best option but in case you don’t have it, make sure to find proper boxes. You don’t need large ones but rather smaller ones that can fit even smaller boxes or zip bags.
  • Cosmetic sponge: You can find cosmetic sponges in almost every store. Their main purpose is to prevent jewelry items from touching as this may damage most of them. This is extremely important during transportation.

Keep in mind that moving blogs can help you with choosing the best tricks for packing. Just find those that you can pull out and that are appropriate for the jewelry you have. 

Find a safe place for jewelry

Storage units are a great method of keeping your precious items safe while moving. Because if you want to know how the pros pack jewelry for moving you have to think like one! Since you will have a lot of tasks during relocation, try to pack jewelry first and store it after that. What you need to know is that even if the jewelry will be in a secured place, you will still need to pack it properly. Avoid placing many items in one box as this can damage everything inside. 

After you make a deal, inform storage Bronx NY about what exactly you will store. This will be good for everyone as they must know what kind of items will be in the storage. As soon as you go through all the details with them focus on your moving because your valuables will be in good hands. 

necklaces hanging from the hanger
If you want to know how the pros pack jewelry for moving be creative and use straws for your necklaces!

Don’t worry about getting your boxes to the storage unit. This will not take up your time nor make things difficult because a storage pick up service will do it for you. If you make arrangements with them, make sure everything is ready before they arrive. You can add more items if you want and come and pick them up anytime. 

Prevent jewelry from tangling

Probably one of the worst things to see is your jewelry is tangled. It can be really hard to untangle it and the best option is to prevent this from happening. This is extremely easy as you can use some daily items to help you out. Just get a couple of jewelry organizers and straws. Put smaller pieces in organizers and put your bracelets and necklaces through straws. After you lock them they will be safe from tangling.

If you don’t have jewelry organizers you can even use the ones for pills. Preparing your jewelry beforehand is very important, especially if you plan on using long term storage NYC. Everything must stay in perfect order until you come to pick it up.

necklace and bracelet covered with silk
Clean your jewelry before packing it so it is ready for use later

In conclusion

After all, packing jewelry is not difficult at all. Don’t forget to clean your jewelry so it is ready to be used in the future. Always think about leaving it in the storage unit if things become too complicated or there is not enough room for those boxes. Arm yourself with a lot of wrapping materials and be gentle when placing jewelry items in the box. Once you get to the bottom line of how the pros pack jewelry for moving, you can use tips anytime you want to re-organize your precious items. 


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