How to adjust to small space living in the city


It is not easy to move from a big house to a small living space in the city. That is why a lot of people need more time to adjust to this change. There will be a lot to sacrifice and most people are not aware of it until they step into their small living space. But lucky for you, there are some tricks on how to adjust to small space living and you can find them in this guide. You will need a lot of patience, some time off when preparing for a move, help from the professionals and friends, and of course some of the best storage units NYC can offer. Now, let us get to business.

Tricks to adjust to small space living in the city

This is not as hard as it seems. Just be careful about the things you are in need of. Separating your items into the piles of needed items and the unnecessary ones can be really hard. That is why in order not to throw everything away is to search for storage facilities Manhattan and place your items there. Just until you figure out what you will do with them.

ornaments on a shelve to help you adjust to small space living
Remove everything from the floors to make your place look bigger

Make your home look bigger

There are other options to create an illusion that your home is bigger and has more space. You can try some of these methods, that we are sure you will find suitable for your own small living space:

  • Make sure you paint your walls in some bright colors. However, if you are renting a place and a landlord does not allow to repaint the room, there is a solution. Get a big light-colored rug and place it in the center of the room to make your place look bigger.
  • Try not to place furniture against the walls. If you move your sofa a few inches away from the wall, it will visually make the room bigger. And we are aware of the fact that if you are moving from a bigger place to this one that is small, you might not be able to take all your furniture. But do not worry. You can always rent furniture storage NYC and place there furniture you do not need or have room for.
  • Speaking of furniture, it is always better to place one big piece of furniture in the room than to have several small ones. Small items can choke the space and make it look even smaller.
  • Get a lot of mirrors and place them strategically so that they reflect the sunlight.

A key to adjusting to small space living is to be organized

You should have a place for every item in the house. This does not mean that you need to start being obsessive and make sure that everything is color labeled. Being organized will definitely help you to adjust to small space living. You can always rent some extra storage facilities, besides the motorcycle storage NYC.

You can always get some multipurpose furniture. Try to get as many shelves as you need and place them so that you do not have too crowded walls. Remove everything from the floor. Having extra space to walk around the house will make you live in this small space more comfortably. 

clothes in the store
Do not buy items and clothes you are not in need of

This is not a good time for buying new items

We all know once you move to a new place that you have a need to go and buy something new. But in order to adjust to small space living, you need to be careful how many items and which items you are buying. There are some simple questions you can ask yourself whenever you are in the situation to buy something. For instance, the first thing you must ask yourself is whether do you need this item? How much money will it cost to maintain these items in the best shape? Can you use something similar? If you are still not sure whether you need to buy something or not, take a few days to think about it and then take the call.

Set rules with roommates!

If you are getting a small flat with your family or your friends, it is important to have some rules around the house. You will most likely get on each other’s nerves, especially if you are used to having your own personal space. That is why having some rules will help you out in order to have a cozy and peaceful life. Make sure you always talk about the things that are bothering you. By establishing the rules in your new home, you will keep your small living space clean, and organized and you will like to spend more time in it.

And if for some reason you get overwhelmed and you cannot stand anyone around you, there is a way out. Make sure always have some code or a password that the other person will recognize. You can always walk out of the apartment and get some coffee or take a walk until you calm down. It is better to talk when you are not nervous and take care of the situation than to start arguments or have conflicts with the person you are living with.

letters that say rules
To adjust to small space living, you need to make some ground rules with your roommates

In order to adjust to small space living, you must make some sacrifices, and make some rules. Be careful about who you choose to live with. Living in a small space will be successful only if you follow each other’s rules and make everything organized and clean. And once you keep your house in order, you will get used to living in a small space.


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