How to combine decorating styles for couples moving in together


You have decided that you and your loved one will start your life together. We are sure that you are very excited and want to move into your new home as soon as possible. There is nothing better than the beginning of your life together, as well as the decorating of your new home. So, you’ve packed all your things, and soon you’ll be moving into your new home, and you’re eagerly awaiting that moment. And also, we are sure that you have thought about its decoration. So, we decided to help you a little and reveal to you several decorating styles for couples moving in. And also, for all those things that will bother you and take up space, we have the ideal solution, the best storage units NYC. A safe place that guarantees the safety of your belongings. And now, let’s decorate your new home!

Make a deal before moving in

At the very beginning of your life together, if you have not lived together until now, it’s very important that you know that it can be difficult at the beginning until you get used to it. What is most important in this situation when you start living together is that a good deal is the basis of everything. Which would mean that you need to agree on everything. And even when it comes to decorating ideas. The best solution is to design every corner of your new house or apartment together, choose details together, and decide about everything together. And even when it comes to the color of the curtain.

black and white combination as one of the favorite decorating styles for couples moving in
You will never go wrong with a black and white combination. It is one of the favorite decorating styles for couples moving in.

In such moments, there may be a conflict of opinion, which is a very common occurrence among couples. Maybe your ideas will clash, or opinions, as well as tastes. And tastes aren’t discussed, you should know that. So, the best solution for such situations is a compromise. So, learn to make an exception, and respect your partner’s wishes and decisions. And of course, if one of the partners wants a private space, that should be respected.

Decorating styles for couples moving in

This job can bring you a lot of fun, and we’re sure you’re looking forward to it. So, combining decorative styles is ‘t a difficult task, but what you have to take care of isn’t to overdo it. We are sure that couples who are moving in together will want to decorate their home according to their wishes. But, in some situations, a conflict of opinion may arise. But as we have already said, the compromise is really important, as well as the deal. So, we have prepared some useful tips for couples when it comes to decorating, look!

  • Choose your favorite colors. When it comes to choosing colors, you can make a list of 5 favorite colors, from which you will choose two. And let those be the colors you will use.
  • Agree to choose multifunctional furniture to save space. Multifunctional furniture will save you space. Try to choose neutral colors.
  • Distribute the work. For example, let one decorate the living room and the other the kitchen. Divide yourselves, and avoid conflicts of opinion.
  • Buy new stuff. If you don’t even like the look of things, go shopping. Buy new decoration, or new furniture, if possible.
  • Search the internet. The Internet is full of decorating ideas, and Pinterest is one of the most popular sites.
couple take their thing to the storage
For things that take up a lot of space, the NYC Mini Storage is at your disposal.

Your new space shouldn’t look too colorful, but not too cluttered either. And for the rest of your things, you can use self storage Bronx. What is needed is to harmonize your ideas, wishes, and possibilities. Use simple details, like decorative candles, photos of you, etc. Avoid strong colors.

Combine your wishes and different decorating styles when moving in

When decorating your new home, you can use combinations of various styles, depending on your interests and tastes. And what you can always combine different types of styles with are your wishes. You can always add something of your own. Therefore, what you and your loved one need to do is familiarize yourself with decorative styles. But your choice may also depend on the place where you live, as well as on the external appearance of your house or apartment. If it’s a less urban place, and the house looks retro, you can arrange the interior of the house in the same way. So, combine rural elements and contemporary design. The things you already own certainly don’t fit into this style. That’s why you can always use the pick up and storage NYC service. Pack everything you don’t need and contact us!

wooden decorating styles
Details in the color of the wood are characteristic of rustic style and mountainous rural areas.

A style that can be very interesting is the Safari style, which is becoming more and more popular among young people. But, when choosing this style, you have to be careful, because sometimes it can look too washed out. Also, another more modern combination is the combination of wood and white color. This can be a real hit if you live in a mountain village.

Black and white combination – one of couples’ favorite decorating styles

Definitely one of the favorite decorating styles for couples moving in is the black and white combination. Young people choose these two colors, because they are the easiest to combine, and it’s impossible to go wrong with them. And also, furniture of this color is very easy to maintain and clean, because young people have little time. Also, in these situations, we are sure that there are things that are very dear to you and that you cannot sell or give away, so you can store them in long term storage NYC. Access to your things will be simple, and you will be able to use them whenever you want. Also, in these storage units, you can store everything that is extra in your home.


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